Asked the little icon in the university on the cosmetic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Did you notice? Cosmetics judge in addition to the bar code, in the cosmetics packaging will often see a few small ICONS, they are small, but also represents a certain information. Do you know what that means? The common open kaifeng quality after long canister signs mean. M on behalf of the month, number represents product in how many months after opening should be finished. Time bottle is the shelf life of unopened condition. The shelf life of different skin care products after opening is different also. Latex, general life is 6 months after toner kaifeng; Foundation could usually kaifeng condition is 12 months; And do not contain spices without adding product shelf life is shorter. These three ICONS often appear on the cosmetics, the main representative issues of environmental protection and so on. The first represents the international standard of no sign of animal experiments, The second is the representative of a green environmental protection, no longer have an impact on the environment; The third usually appear on the plastic packaging, triangle will have 1 - in the middle 7 number, number is corresponding to the different kinds of plastic, in order to better recycling. Above the red circle in the small icon said, because the product's packaging bottle is too small, need to know the detailed instructions, advice to see attach print specifications. In addition, there are careful friend find, often have the content on the cosmetics bottles after a big 'e', what is the meaning of this? In fact this represents the measure, such as above, it may be a little more than 500 ml or less, will be behind a e.
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