Antibiotic class spray bottles is introduced

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Spray bottles with a variety of specifications, can satisfy the using demand of different consumption levels. Now cosmetics market competition is intense, each manufacturer in cosmetics packaging spend more and more big, in order to meet the needs of different users, the size of the corresponding spray plastic also appear different specifications, convenient for the user choice. Is using a spray jet spray plastic bottles of liquid, so that we can reduce waste and increase the contact area, more suitable for the use of modern cosmetics industry demand. In the production of spray in the production of plastic raw materials, adding a certain proportion of nanometer materials, so that we can improve the physical and chemical properties of spray plastic, especially has a good barrier performance, chemical corrosion resistance and uv resistance performance, the corresponding spray plastic toughness also corresponding improvement, and reduce the processing cost, that will make products more competitive. Spray bottles with long cycle is generally, in the process of repeated use, the plastic surface is easy to cause some bacteria affect the user's health. Antibiotic class can always spray plastic surface bacteria produce, is in processing of inorganic antibacterial agent metal evenly dispersed in the bottle blowing raw materials, improved blow molding production process, 'which has the function of antibacterial spray bottles, long has antibacterial, antibacterial effect is good, good antibacterial spectrum performance advantage.
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