Analysis of the cosmetic packing market development

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Cosmetics packaging need both protective and functional and decorative, the trinity is the future development direction of cosmetics packaging. Mixer preservation of cosmetics will occupy a market due to the factory in order to adapt to customer demand, manufacturing products do not contain preservatives. Manufacturers are filling in a tiny container, customers can be finished at a time, such as the essence of many brand is adopted the way of packing. The price is too high, this kind of cosmetics will not become the market mainstream products, but it is a sign of future fashion and luxury lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group. In pieces the development of green packaging materials design many cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection problems, on the choice of cosmetics packaging materials joined environmental consideration, consider these materials can be recycled, growing in line with environmental protection consciousness. Mixer multilayer plastic composite technology it can make the layers of different types of plastic composite together, once into the plastic, can choose any conceivable colour and design all kinds of containers. A multilayer plastic technology, plastic packaging on the one hand, can be completely isolated from light and air, avoid skin care products oxidation, on the other hand knead by different kinds of substances, wonderful visual effect in appearance and unique handle, improved the hose can be faltering. Pieces vacuum packaging emerging in the vacuum packaging can protect contain fat, retinol and vitamin to protect skin to taste. It has higher protective strength, elastic recovery, another important development direction of vacuum packaging is outstanding functionality, it would be very important for a less complex container. Mixer, occupies an important position in the plastic bottle is still the advantages of plastic container has always been a light weight, strong and easy to produce. Through the efforts of the chemist and plastic manufacturers, plastic products and achieved formerly only some transparent glass properties. In addition, PETG is easy to be dyed all sorts of color, and even if treated with UV resistance, transparency is still the same. From the overall, in the packaging design, material, on the use of foreign cosmetics companies are now more skilled than domestic enterprises, on the choice of materials is more widely and more innovative. But we believe that, as markets mature, the growth of the domestic cosmetics companies, information resources and related materials, rich gradually, over the next two to three years, there will be more Chinese local cosmetics enterprises will play an important role in the international cosmetics stage.
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