An innovative or 'plastic' electron technology will bring about the industrial revolution

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology, has the good performance of polymer more electronics are more and more manufacturing, pure plastic electronic era is coming. Traditional plastic was widely used for its excellent mechanical properties, such as its strength and flexibility, etc. , in addition, the plastic also can be used as electrical insulators. Some types of plastic like metal materials, has spread to electronic performance. The European science and technology personnel in the world's most advanced photonics technology micro/nano electronic technology equipment, with the help of opened the mysterious veil of plastic materials to electronic, which really opens the organic nanomaterials applied in electronic industry.
champ consulting electronics industry analysts think: this is called an innovative science and technology personnel & other; Plastic electronics & throughout; Technology, can be widely applied to electronic and electric industry, according to relevant data show that the use of this technology will bring at least 1 billion euros annual output. And new science and technology and the production process, it will produce a series of chain reaction both inside and outside the industry, is expected from the age of electricity even closer to the pure electronic age, lead to a new period of the industrial revolution.
the eu as early as 2009 the plastic electronic technology, so far, have made great progress on the plan, under the technical support of its research and development has produced more than a dozen innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and to master the latest technology has been popularized in large electrical and electronics industry group, and received great achievements. According to the United States, Switzerland and Britain team composed of researchers recently published in the journal nature materials science articles, according to chemical additives can be used in the manufacture of plastic electronics that make a plastic electronic high-temperature catalytic production is no longer needed, thereby directly to avoid the high temperature caused by electronic material varieties by this problem. And, still can make crystal consistency is increased greatly, thus ensures the uniformity of the distribution of plastic electronic overall crystallization. This shows that the plastic in the electronic circuit manufacturing will become more easily and quickly, like print can do roll printing, this is a traditional technology cannot do.
the champ consulting issued the 2010 China plastic electronic products industry analysis and investment outlook report points out: the plastic used in the manufacture of electronic products shell occupy the leading position, and its core components into the electronic products is the process of semiconductor chip is quite a struggle. For years, silicon crystal has been dominant in the field of electronic materials, but the silicon crystal high prices turned off a lot of concern about the cost in electronics industry. Plastic electronic technology, the advent of making plastic electronics manufacturing become more easy and quick, the biggest characteristic of plastic electronic materials is: low manufacturing cost, low loss, high transmission, suitable for high volume production, such as plastic electronics is bound to bring a new industrial revolution.
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