A cosmetic powder compact packaging materials used for the automatic dispensing the manufacturing method of cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
The utility model discloses a cosmetic powder compact packaging materials used for the automatic dispensing machine, including the frame, as described in setting of rack has a conveyor belt, electric control cabinet is set in the frame described below, described in the frame of the left front set has a touch screen, described frame fixed in the middle of a manipulator, dispensing valve carry on mechanical hand, described the working area of conveyor belt is the right end is set with sensors, described in the positioning plate is installed on the conveyor belt, conveyor belt, including the stepping motor drive roller and belt, described in the manipulator is composed of three axis X/Y/Z, described the sensor as the photoelectric sensor, described positioning plate for positioning plate before or after the positioning plate. The utility model can be used to complete the cosmetics puckering or porous powder compact automatic dispensing, dispensing with high efficiency, About 4 ~ 6 times/SEC/head) , the flow of dispensing controlled, dispensing of good quality. 【 Patent description 】 — Types of automatic dispensing machine [for cosmetic powder compact Technology 】 ( 0001] The utility model belongs to the cosmetic dedicated equipment in production process, it is mainly used for powder compact at the bottom of the automatic dispensing. 【 Technical background 】 ( 0002] Cosmetic powder compact point glue is used for adhesion powdery cake to the bottom of the cartridges, cosmetics are put a necessary link before the powdery cake into the cartridges. ( 0003] Cartridges dispensing is mainly at present, the cosmetics industry USES manual dispensing: for each cartridges each hole location point glue them one by one, or more similar to compact integrated mold gate way point glue, this way need to configure many integrated mould, as shown in figure 1. Because cosmetics customer requirements change fast, compact shape and the position of the powdery cake shape of each are not identical, customers need to prepare a large number of dispensing mould, very inconvenient, also increase the cost. And for multilayer structure compact, single mould can't meet, the more glue tube or suction cup mold structure, glue is easy to appear dripping phenomenon, easy pollution cartridges the dispensing section, and does not guarantee dispensing consistency of each hose. Due to the frequency of dispensing the demand is higher, manual dispensing easily fatigue, poor hand glue consistency. JiaoGong at another, usually with powder location on the same line, after dispensing cartridges directly into powder location, point JiaoGong labor intensity is big, usually I to 2 people operations, point JiaoGong dispensing frequency restricted the efficiency of assembly line production. ( 0004] As a result of the dispensing belongs to the low technology and is, to some extent, the labor intensity of physical labor worker turnover rate is very large, high labor costs, so the market need to realize the automation of this process. Utility model content [ 0005] To overcome the shortcoming, the utility model provides a substitute for manual operation of automatic dispensing machine for cosmetic powder compact.
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