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100g face wash packaging tube combination with clean and massage usage

100g face wash packaging tube combination with clean and massage usage

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Ocean Shipping、air transportation
Lead Time
15-35 days
Pre-production sample time
7-15 days
Minimum Order
10000 Pcs
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T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram


  100g face wash packaging tube combination with clean and massage

The tube can be used for hair cream and lotion      

The capacity can be 70-180ml, different capacity meets your different needs      

              Material can be plastic and alumium,

Printing can be offset/silk screen/hot-stamping/labeling

Wholesale Face Wash Squeeze Tube Packaging with Cleaning and Massage Applicator
  • #1 Dual Functionality: The face wash squeeze tube packaging is designed with a built-in cleaning and massage applicator, combining two functions in one product. This dual functionality allows users to cleanse their face while simultaneously enjoying a gentle massage to promote circulation and relaxation.

  • Massage Applicator: The massage applicator is designed to provide gentle stimulation and massaging action on the skin. It may have textured surfaces or specially designed massage nodes that help promote blood circulation, reduce tension, and enhance the absorption of the face wash for a more effective skincare routine.

  • Cleaning Applicator: The cleaning applicator is specifically designed to enhance the cleansing process. It may feature soft bristles or silicone bristles that effectively remove dirt, impurities, and makeup from the skin's surface, leaving it clean and refreshed.

  • #2 Easy Dispensing: The squeeze tube design allows for effortless dispensing of the face wash, ensuring controlled and precise application. Users can easily squeeze out the desired amount of product without wastage or mess.

  • #3 Enhanced Skincare Experience: The combination of cleansing and massaging actions provides users with an enhanced skincare experience. The gentle massage not only relaxes the facial muscles but also helps to improve product absorption, allowing the face wash to work more effectively on the skin.




Tube Data

Products Name

100g face wash packaging tube combination with clean and massage usage





Tube Length






Tube Color



Used for face washing cream and facial cleanser etc

Sealing type

Vertical sealing

Surface handling

Offset/Slik screen printing/Hot stamping/labeling

Cap Data



Cap Color




The better quality

The implementation of the international quality system, with a professional QC department, all products have undergone strict quality inspection, we abandon the sampling method and spend more manpower and material resources to ensure the quality of the high quality.

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More than 1000 types of products to meet the diverse needs of customers in different industries, different fields, one-stop service concept.

R & D innovation capacity

With more than 20 patents at home and abroad, with specialized R & D departments and invested sums of money to start production.

The Stronger strength

20000 squares of factory covers, 10 millions output per month, professional production control, first-class equipment manufacturing.

The Higher efficiency

The fastest delivery date is 15 days so that customers can receive the goods in the shortest time, not only the fastest speed , but also the best  quality.



Usage: Face



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