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by:Lisson     2020-05-28
Article -Your Most . . . . . .
A mile of sunscreen!
Are you a skincare fan?
Closet in your bathroom. .
Bottles and cans?
Are the contents of these bottles and jars really articles?
Your most important cosmetics?
A mile of sunscreen!
Are you a skincare fan?
Are you filled with bottles and jars in your bathroom closet?
Can the content of these bottles and jars really improve your skin?
My guess is \"sometimes \".
We are all tempted by the promise of young skin, or eliminate wrinkles overnight.
But the sad fact is that a lot of products that look beautiful don\'t do what they promise, wrinkles, acne, broken veins or any diseases that you\'re still there the next morning.
There is a cosmetic that keeps the head and shoulders above the rest --Sunblock.
Sunscreen is the best way you can buy in a bottle to prevent skin aging.
In some apps it won\'t make you look younger and you need to use it regularly
Like every day
But over time it will have a huge impact on the look of your skin.
Sunscreen can be lotion, gel, roll or spray.
If your budget is tight, you can usually buy a bottle for a few dollars from a supermarket or pharmacy.
Test it first where you are inconspicuous in case you are allergic to it!
This is more important for cheap brands.
Use sunscreen even if it\'s cloudy outside. Ultraviolet (UV)
Even when it rains, the light can penetrate up to 80% of the clouds.
UV rays can penetrate the glass if you drive, and they can also be reflected from the glass or water.
Don\'t just put sunscreen on your face.
Put it in your hands, feet, arms or anything that is not covered up.
This is not only for the sake of appearance, sunscreen can also prevent the development of potentially fatal skin cancer and melanoma.
Even if you \'ve never used sunscreen and you\'re aging too early, it\'s not too late!
Using sunscreen regularly and staying away from the sun can actually turn around some damage.
Make sure to use sunscreen with sunscreen factor (SPF)
More than 15 people, apply it fairly generously in order to get the best results.
It is also best to apply at least 20 minutes before going out. Remember -
Prevention is better than treatment!
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