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by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Yichang essence oil bottle manufacturers PET chemical called ethanol terephthalate, also known as polyester. Currently used in customer's GF - more PET, mainly playing bottle embryo. 3, about soil benchmark and set ( 1) Needs amending, formulate new/old revision; ( 2) In the set, must respect the laws of nature, in accordance with the principle of division, classification and grading; To formulate guidelines and regulations; ( 3) Allowing local regional soil system, different from water and gas. PET plastic profile: as early as in July 2015, the 14th meeting of deep reorganization is examined and approved the protection supervision plan ( Trial) 'Make clear, establish environmental protection supervision mechanism. The supervision work in the form of protection inspectorate, right provinces, municipal party committee and the relevant departments to carry out and sink to the part of the municipal committee department. On July 26, 2018, the agriculture NongCunBu made it clear that, at a news conference around the 'five priorities', good agricultural non-point source pollution to be completed. Building a geared to the needs of future development, benefit and economic benefit and development platform, overnight is obviously not possible, then power is necessary. 11, color printing fee and characteristics: sales revenue due to extract directly involved in the market, however, which will face fierce competition and the evolution of market pressure. For the product sales class environmental protection enterprises, such as water source for the consumer to sell water purifiers, southern huitong, product research and development strength, innovative technology, products and services, one of the most important aspects of the performance. To explore lean, scrutinize sub plates segmentation, the environmental protection industry can be divided into water treatment, air treatment, solid waste disposal three big plate. 9, general order in 50000 or so for the economic order quantity, but free template. 8, thermal convex word process, do not need to hit convex just after printing has obvious stereoscopic effect, thermal convex word with fluorescent powder, matte and the effect of a variety of color, the color green technology ( In greeting CARDS with more) B) Manual twists to clear and unified, transport packaging color printing class to explain, so suit box may consider secondary use. Of atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants, for example, the environmental protection tax law follows the current equivalent value table of pollutants, and according to the current emissions or pollution equivalent number as plan tax basis. 'Severe ecological situation has been a wake-up call, from the aspects of economic, legal, or the combination so it is urgent to carry out environmental work. Baiyang lake water pollution become the male Ann district construction premise market estimates about 47 billion recently, in the environmental protection department of the male AnXin baiyangdian listed in the 'new lakes' with the erhai lake, danjiangkou water pollution treatment, and the appearance of the word 'new lakes', immediately attracted public attention, and baiyang lake was formally listed in the 'new lakes', the time to rise to the environmental protection work, no doubt this is a golden opportunity of development. 16 to speed up the pace of tradable permits system implementation, the emission permit as the core, as soon as possible to streamline the fixed source system. 17 for ecological compensation reform, strengthening the coordination reform pilot guidance, track, evaluate and supervise. 18, formulate relevant appraisal technology guide. On a trial basis for ten years or will implement the responsibility system of qualitative breakthrough. 2, form have 3-side, sealing bag, stick in the bone bag, vertical bag, vacuum bag and roll bag. L/D is too big material within the cylinder for a long time, heat is easy to cause the degradation, affect the product performance. Compression ratio is too small shear heat generating less, easy plasticizing, product performance is poor. Vice can make glass fiber fracture, more mechanical performance degradation. When processing glass fiber reinforced PET and cylinder wear more severe, cylinder use wear-resisting material or have wear-resisting lining material. 11, color printing charges and features:
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