Widely used in plastic bottles in which industries

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
In life we should all know ordinary pp and PE plastic absorbing materials in the natural environment under hundreds of thousands of years is hard to break down, so the plastic packaging bottles of garbage is a recognized environmental pollution substances. Although know but life cannot leave the pollution of the environment material, then we take a look at him in which industries widely used. Now our life is inseparable from blister plastic bottles. So, invented a kind of environment-friendly blister plastic bottles on the environment protection is of great significance. What is environmental blister plastic bottles? In fact, as early as a century ago there is an abbreviation of polylactic acid resin for the PLA's blister plastic bottles is synthetic material, this material to produce blister plastic packaging bottles of products in the compost environment is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. But due to the high cost of production, so can't become blister plastic bottles products of raw materials. But in recent years, the synthesis of new advanced technology has made in the production of the polylactic acid resin material cost greatly reduced, allowing it to be used in actual blow molding, blister, sheet such as level of blister plastic bottles products. More common products at home and abroad for disposable cups, cutlery, plates, blister plastic bottles bags, non-woven fabrics and so on. Theoretically as long as it is blister plastic bottles products, can use this is called the PLA's biological blister plastic packaging bottles of materials to production. On the current international only two companies in the United States and China have its own technology production of this material. Dominance to American companies, the annual output more than ten million tons, and many countries and even thoroughly introduced their raw materials production line. It's a pity that our country only the company under the Shanghai some famous university have independent technology, but as a result of domestic environmental protection consciousness is generally not strong, so the development is relatively slow and unknown. So there have independent technology in our country, a lot of people but imports from the United States environmental protection process the embarrassing situation of PLA resin. Future environmental blister plastic bottles is not PLA such as the shape of the material, I think of the future environmental blister plastic bottles is the invisible environmental awareness in our hearts. Our PET recycled blister plastic bottles can be used to make clothes, motorcycle helmets, fishing line, packaging line. Or just used on food packaging, PET recycled blister plastic packaging bottles can realize the recycling utilization of unlimited times. It is within easy reach of the environmental protection technology in our country. It is understood that the recent PET renewable blister plastic packaging bottles is expected to come into China market. Due to blister plastic bottles packaging raw materials from oil, in order to save resources, many developed countries have developed a blister plastic packing bottle recycling technology, as early as in 1991 has been recycled PET chip used in food packaging. Good barrier property of PET material make it a all kinds of carbonated drinks, juice, milk, dairy products such as food and drink, tea drink, mineral water of the main packaging materials. In our country, at present all the PET blister plastic packaging bottles are all made by native PET raw materials derived from petroleum, and each year up to 3 million tonnes of PET blister plastic packaging bottles consumed more than 18 million tons of oil production, but also caused great environment pressure. PET the recycle of regenerated blister plastic packaging bottles, which saves resources. With the technology development of regeneration of PET slice, regeneration of food grade PET chip can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% of infinite recycling, PET blister plastic packaging bottles of regenerative utilization greatly save the consumption of oil resources. A few years ago, our country is not free in the supermarket blister plastic packing bottle bag, this is to remind the general citizens, and try to minimize the use of this kind of bag, but it can be solved only a small part of the problem, a lot of people after the supermarket to buy things, often forget to bring your own bag, and young people don't care to spend a few more cents for blister plastic packaging bottle bag. And abroad, such as the German supermarket checkout sell a blister packing plastic bottle bag 30 euro cents, about $2. 7 yuan, and the most common German people used to take cloth to the supermarket to buy things. German people love our home, we might it not? Even from now on, every one of us in our daily life have to learn to be a person with heart, the progress is huge enough.
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