Why are an increasing number of wine using plastic packaging?

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Mention traditional wine packaging, most people's first impression is 0. 75 + natural cork bottle. But a lot of wine, now in the bold innovation - — Using PET plastic bottle of fine wine packaging. Why are an increasing number of wine using plastic packaging? As Spain's Bodega Matarromera wine try using plastic bottle of quality wine packaging, South Africa Welmoed wine also gradually use plastic bottles to replace the traditional 750 ml bottle. The British supermarket giant m&s Marks & amp; Spencer has also started selling 0 from 2010. 25 l plastic bottles of red wine. Even the airlines, also more willing to use plastic bottles of wine for passenger service! 为什么? PET bottle has very strong resistance to fall off, is also very light in weight, 0. 7 liter capacity of PET bottle weighs 50 grams, the weight of which is one over ten of the equivalent capacity of glass bottles. PET bottle also has a good recovery, production, transportation and warehousing costs. The plasticity of packaging design is also strong. However, some in the industry is not optimistic about using plastic bottles for wine packaging, think 'there are ultraviolet radiation and oxygen migration, plastic bottles can affect the quality of alcoholic drinks, from reduce the shelf life of wine. 'According to research firm Geisenheim survey, modern processing technology can improve the plastic internal air tightness, reduce the influence of wine by the using plastic bottle packaging. In addition, good air tightness plastic bottle caps, can open the bottle to seal it again, to extend shelf life. So, PET plastic bottles will be wine packaging tuyere next?
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