What is a medicinal ointment aluminum plastic tube

by:Lisson     2021-03-25

Medicinal aluminum-plastic composite hose, also known as medicinal aluminum-plastic ointment tube, is an aluminum-plastic hose directly used for ointment packaging.

Aluminum-plastic composite hose is a composite pipe produced by extrusion molding process. It is composed of five layers of polyethylene (or cross-linked polyethylene)-hot melt adhesive-aluminum foil-hot melt adhesive-polyethylene , With good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, anti-aging properties, temperature resistance and sanitary properties. The aluminum-plastic composite hose has good gas barrier properties, clear and beautiful printing patterns, and is resistant to folding. The medicinal aluminum-plastic composite tube is mainly used for industrial packaging such as burn ointment and external skin ointment.

Aluminum-plastic tubes are also widely used in toothpaste tubes, jam tubes, paint tubes, shoe polish hoses, food aluminum-plastic packaging, cosmetics, adhesives, hair dyes, etc.

The aluminum-plastic tube is flat-printed and has good abrasion resistance

The PE inner film of the aluminum-plastic composite pipe can effectively block the contact between the content and the intermediate aluminum layer

The appearance of the aluminum-plastic composite pipe is more visible and there is more room for functional transformation.

Ointment refers to ointment products for external use on the skin; medicinal ointment aluminum collapsible tube, also known as aluminum pharmaceutical ointment tube, medicinal aluminum collapsible tube, refers to directly used to hold ointment, after aluminum foil stamping, softening treatment, internal coating treatment, tail The aluminum container is tightly sealed and used for direct contact with creams, ointments, eye ointments and other dosage forms. The aluminum element is rich in content. In addition to being used in the outer packaging of the pharmaceutical and daily chemical industry, it is also widely used in the development of the three major industries of aviation, construction and automobile, which greatly benefits the production and application of metal aluminum.

What are the characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite hose medicinal use

1. Beautiful appearance and bright colors

Good quality, easy to print appearance, can be adapted to offset printing, silk screen, etc., and it is not easy to deform under extrusion

2. High barrier properties

The aluminum foil in the aluminum-plastic tube is generally greater than 25um, which has barrier properties, can isolate air and water vapor, and protect the internal ointment

3. Compared with the pure aluminum hose of the same specification, the texture is lighter

20-30% lighter than aluminum hoses of the same specification, reduce the amount of aluminum used, and reduce production costs

4. Simple process, low energy consumption, low cost, high production efficiency

5. Due to the use of plastic as the inner wall material, it enhances corrosion resistance and sanitary safety, prevents aluminum from reacting with the inner paste, and protects the inner paste from pollution.

6. If the inner layer of the aluminum-plastic composite hose is a PE layer, it is easy to be incompatible with the inner content and cause the inner content to deteriorate.

7. After the aluminum-plastic composite hose is discarded, it is not easy to separate, difficult to recycle, and pollute the environment.

to sum up

1. The aluminum collapsible tube for medicinal ointment is a pure aluminum collapsible tube, and its barrier properties will be better than that of medicinal aluminum-plastic tube.

2. The amount of aluminum used in the aluminum collapsible tube of medicinal ointment is high, the production process is relatively complicated, and the production cost is much higher than that of the aluminum-plastic tube of medicinal ointment.

3. The aluminum plastic tube for medicinal ointment has a plastic inner wall, and its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are better than that of pure aluminum hose. However, the new type of medicinal ointment aluminum collapsible tube adds internal coating, tail coating and other processes, and its anti-corrosion and sealing performance can be improved. Achieve medicinal specifications.

4. The medicinal ointment aluminum collapsible tube is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle. However, the medicinal aluminum-plastic composite tube is not easy to separate and recycle. Therefore, most ointment packaging chooses pure aluminum collapsible tube.

5. The pure aluminum hose is squeezable, does not rebound when squeezed, and there is no air rebound to enter, so that the internal paste is not easily oxidized and deteriorated by air. The aluminum-plastic composite hose can not solve the rebound problem so far, although the appearance It is exquisite and can be used in the daily chemical industry. However, the production and canning of pharmaceutical packaging materials require hygiene and safety.
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