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by:Lisson     2021-04-14

With the rapid development of modern economy, people's cultural level has generally improved, and the quality of life has also been significantly improved. The aesthetic concept is developing in a better and better direction. Product packaging design can only be good if it is compatible with social culture and popular elements. With the development, cosmetics are the most important consumer products for modern women. The competition between different brands is becoming more and more fierce. Their quality and use experience directly affect the user’s choice. Doing this well is the key, but most cosmetics companies strive to improve their products. Quality, then what should we rely on to compete next? Obviously it is cosmetic packaging. For female friends, they have very high requirements for packaging. Everyone prefers packaging that looks good and pleasing to the eye. After all, makeup is also the happiest and happiest time in their daily lives. Introduce you to the most popular cosmetic packaging design.

1. Design features

Not all elements can be popular at will. Once they become popular, they must have their own advantages. For example, the more popular cosmetic packaging has its unique characteristics:

1. Cultural characteristics

It mainly includes cultural characteristics at the material level and spiritual level. This cosmetic packaging cleverly incorporates people's values, ethics, living habits and aesthetic concepts, responds well to the characteristics of market culture, and conforms to the aesthetic value of the public.

2. Brand characteristics

Brand is a comprehensive concept that integrates trademark, name, packaging, price, history, credibility, and advertising style. Sometimes people choose cosmetics first, because big brands are more trustworthy, and most people are still willing to allow money. Under the circumstances, choose well-known brand cosmetics, after all, the credibility is recognized by most consumers.

2. Design techniques

There are four types of cosmetic packaging design methods, namely series method, combination method, bionic method and simplified method.

1. The series method means that the same type of cosmetic packaging can be designed according to a series, such as color and shape.

2. The combination method is to incorporate some other elements and combine it with the packaging box for design, such as customs or regional cultural characteristics.

3. The bionic method is a particularly popular design method, which is to design packaging according to the characteristics of living things, and provide consumers with opportunities to get close to nature and feel the vitality and vitality of life.

4. The simplification method is a simple design style. Compared with other colorful brand styles, it can give people a visual impact of beauty, and sometimes it is also an innovation.

The designer decided to show the complete series through simple line design elements. The original intention of the design is to use them to convey and symbolize the different stages of skin care. From general skin care to the whole body, to specific areas such as the eye area. Expressing every step helps to improve the skin on a deeper level. Drive brand image enhancement through a complete product line and personal orientation.

We all know that the pursuit of beauty and youth is irresistible to every woman. Skin care products are also essential. The packaging must also look good. Only a good cosmetic packaging design can attract women to buy. What are the key to cosmetic packaging design and packaging production? Meiyu Shenghua takes a brief introduction to the pearlescent effect in cosmetic packaging.

In cosmetics, there are many printed packages that use pearlescent style. There are outer packaging boxes of hard cardboard, labels made of coated paper, plastic flexible packaging printed in pearlescent colors, and hoses printed with pearlescent patterns. The use of soft titanium pearlescent luster can just redefine the relationship between high-tech products and aesthetics. Excessive use of pure pearlescent colors can express a graceful and luxurious style. Everyone has a consensus on this point. If you have a deep understanding of the nature of this material, you can use its unique creativity and show wonderful ideas.

In the packaging of high-end cosmetics, the role of pearlescent effect has gradually attracted attention. Because its soft and deep luster conforms to traditional aesthetics, its design methods are flexible and rich in forms. In the packaging and decoration, the expression means of emphasizing strong, warm colors and luster: such as Western modern style paintings or traditional African and Latin American sentiments, or the design of Beijing opera costumes, using bright and showy materials to combine various bright colors; But on the other hand, there is another kind of implicit and introverted. The ordinary texture paper is painted with elegant luster, and different design styles are used to express the elegant aesthetic taste. And this taste is in line with cosmetic products. In terms of luster strength, pearl luster is not eye-catching than metallic luster, and it expresses more of a warm and soft emotion.

In the cosmetics printing process, flat printing, embossing, and gravure box screen printing are known as the four major printing methods. In modern cosmetics printing process, the advantages of each process are often used for combined printing. For example, offset printing is used to achieve accurate image reproduction, gravure printing is used to complete large-area spot color reproduction, flexo printing or screen printing is used for glazing and surface finishing, and digital printing is used to achieve packaging customization and anti-counterfeiting.

In the cosmetics industry, after many years of time evaluation and market feedback statistics verification, the following common printing processes are:

1. Bronzing (silver)

The gold foil is stamped on the paper by heating and pressing.

2. Silk screen

Screen printing belongs to stencil printing. The printing plate (the paper film plate or other plates are made with holes that can pass the ink) during printing, through a certain pressure, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through the holes of the stencil to form an image Or text.

3. Offset printing

Offset printing is a type of lithographic printing in which the graphics on the printing plate are transferred to the substrate by means of rubber (blanket).

4. Bumping

Using a concave-convex mold, under a certain pressure, plastic deformation of the substrate of the printed matter, so as to perform artistic processing on the surface of the printed matter.
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