What are the characteristics of offset printing and silk screen printing in the production of cosmetic hoses?

by:Lisson     2021-03-09
What are the characteristics of offset printing and silk screen printing in the production of cosmetic hoses?
Regardless of the cosmetic hose manufacturer, in the process of manufacturing cosmetic hoses, the printing process is usually offset printing and silk screen printing (also called screen printing). Screen printing is a secondary processing method for plastic products to improve the appearance and decoration of plastic products and reflect the functional requirements of plastic products. The screen printing can achieve the following points () Strong adhesion and good abrasion resistance. () Clear handwriting and patterns, rich and beautiful colors. () The screen printing position must be accurate and the dimensional accuracy is high. The screen printing of plastic products has the characteristics of diversity and flexibility. When printing, the dimensional accuracy of plastic products and the variability of product dimensions should be considered when printing. Before printing, plastic products need surface treatment. The screen printing plate should choose high stability, strong solvent resistance, and pay attention to control the appropriate tension. Plastic screen printing ink has the characteristics of friction resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance and fast drying speed. In the printing process, printing pressure is required, and the requirements for printing speed and drying speed are relatively high. Certain molded products require high temperature processing after screen printing. Due to the large amount of exhaust gas generated during the printing and drying process, it is necessary to keep the workshop well ventilated. Plastic products are prone to static electricity, so static eliminators must be installed or other measures must be taken to eliminate static electricity to ensure normal printing. There are many forms of plastic products, most of which are curved products. At present, with the development of plastic screen printing, printing can be performed directly on the surface of curved plastic products.
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