UK plans plastic bottle charge to tackle pollution

by:Lisson     2020-05-29
On Wednesday, the UK announced plans to allow consumers to pay a deposit on plastic bottles as part of a broader effort to deal with pollution.
Environment UK says the government will charge for plastic, glass and metal disposable beverage containers sold in the UK.
The move aims to reduce the amount of waste generated in the UK, including an estimated 13 billion plastic beverage bottles per year.
\"We are now taking action to deal with this threat, and it is absolutely important to contain millions of unrecycled plastic bottles per day,\" said environment minister Michael Gove . \".
\"We want to take action on plastic bottles to help clean up our oceans,\" he added . \".
A deposit plan to be launched in the UK will be open for consultation to determine how it will operate.
The Ministry of Environment pointed out similar plans in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, where the maximum charge is 22 p (25 euro cents)
Refund once empty bottle is stored.
Measured as follows, 2015 p launched a month-long shopping bag for most stores, the government said, cutting 9 billion of plastic bags.
A spokesman for the British Prime Minister said Britain will also put plastic pollution on the agenda at the Commonwealth summit next month, with more than 50 leaders attending the meeting.
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