Small dropper cosmetics bottle is more and more popular with the market

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Q: how many maintenance product cosmetics bottles with dropper, and 'small dropper cosmetics bottle' has become a great love of consumers, how do you think the 'small dropper cosmetics bottle' agitation? A: cosmetics dropper bottle of skin care products will be easy to give A person with laboratory reagent bottles of lenovo, in addition, the dropper drops of liquid, the unit can be calculated by 'drops', often compared to press type bottle has better effect to use 'small', if it is the essence of concentration is higher, can use to can be calculated by 'drops', is more suitable for small cosmetic bottle, dropper, of course, it also can give consumers more 'pure' feel. Dropper bottle use way, makes every time to minimize the amount of learning, therefore, is suitable for use in the relatively concentrated liquid essence products. As for today's small dropper bottle of agitation in cosmetics, which is the real 'strength', which is used as a marketing gimmick, depends on its bottle dressed in if it is the essence of 'concentration'. Q: in the daily maintenance, you personally to protect skin to taste impression of cosmetics dropper bottle? A: good dropper bottle of skin care products, cosmetics even if use 1 ~ 2 drops, also can complete extend full face skin, at the same time because of its texture, liquid than cream essence has more rapid absorption effect, such as l 'oreal Paris 'little golden urn' - — Jin Zhizhen yan essence, use every time, it takes only a few drops, can complete over face and neck skin, at the same time feel this article comes from the packaging bottle immediately moisturize skin, fine lines fade effect. Use small dropper cosmetics bottles on the downside, finally unable to absorb essence, the essence of 1/10 are still left in the bottle may, at this time suggest remove dropper, and then directly to essence of bottle will fall out of use. But at this moment is the essence of the dropper bottle left out as soon as possible, lest appear qualitative change. Q: in what circumstances usually need to choose a bottle of 'small dropper bottle' cosmetics, skin and how to choose the suitable for their own 'small cosmetics dropper bottle'? A: this is to see why small dropper cosmetics skincare content in the jar, protect skin to taste, with the current dropper type function has spread to moisture, repair, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and many other aspects, so the first considerations, to see their actual skincare needs to choose. In addition, due to the quality of a material is pure, suggested usage not too much, often few drops ( The quantity of a tube) Already enough, don't use too much effect will be better, and waste. Due to the small dropper bottle of skin care products texture partial liquid cosmetics, absorb quickly at the same time, so is suitable for all skin types to use, but if it is partial dry skin, or want advice after coated with emulsion cream with water lock effect, can let small dropper cosmetics bottles better skin care benefits.
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