Skin care product packaging materials order

by:Lisson     2021-04-09

1. Packaging material introduction
Skin care product packaging materials can be divided into bottles (glass bottles, plastic bottles, acrylic bottles, aluminum bottles, etc.), hoses (round tubes, flat tubes, super flat tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum plastic tubes, etc.), mask bags, color Box, middle paper box, outer carton, etc. Among them, the minimum order quantity and delivery period of packaging materials are also different due to the influence of materials and low and peak seasons.

2. The minimum order quantity of packaging materials

Glass bottles: Generally, the minimum order quantity is 3000 per single product. The minimum order quantity of general-purpose glass bottles can be smaller. The bottle technology includes frosting, spraying, bronzing, etc.

Plastic bottles: Generally, the minimum order quantity is 5000 per single product.

Hoses: The minimum order quantity for color tubes and flat tubes is 10,000 pieces, and the minimum order quantity for ordinary white tubes is 5,000 pieces.

Color box: multiple single products can be imposition printed, each single product can be printed at least 1,000 pieces, and the set box can be ordered at least 500 pieces.

Mask bag: The minimum order quantity is 20,000, and the first batch of customized products will also be charged for the edition fee.

3. Packaging material supply cycle

Calculate from the confirmation of the skin care product processing package material sample

Glass bottle: 45-60 days

Acrylic bottle: 30-40 days

Plastic bottle: 15-25 days

Hose: 15-30 days

Color box: 10-15 days

Set of boxes: 15-20 days

Mask bag: 15-20 days

Middle box/outer box: 7-10 days

Packaging material supplier recommendation:
Customers can go to major packaging material factories to purchase by themselves, and can purchase according to the cooperative suppliers provided by skin care product OEMs.


(1) When looking for a packaging material supplier, you must not look for an intermediate trader who does not have a factory.

(2), I would rather be more expensive, don't look for cheap to find an informal small factory to produce, the quality of packaging materials can not be guaranteed, there will be endless troubles. (For example, the bottle cap or pump head is not tightly closed and leaks, which directly causes the skin care products to dry up and cannot reach the normal shelf life of three years)

(3) If the packaging material is unqualified to a certain proportion, our company has the right to reject it. It is our responsibility to ensure good quality to customers, and we hope to understand.
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