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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
What are the harmful material glass itself? We all know that a lot of material itself is a certain harmful substances, we live in is a ubiquitous glassware in before molding has harmful substance, so small make up today to talk about this problem to you. What are the harmful material (glass itself 1) The dissolution of harmful substances in the glass is a glass as a vessel, food, drinks, etc. , because some multi-component dissolution in the glass, then people gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of harmful substances. Secondly, waste glass in accumulated on the floor and glass outcast in the natural environment by the use of water and dissolution of harmful substances, such as lead, cadmium, such as injection of water and soil layer, make the food web by environmental pollution, also make people ask acceptance to the environmental pollution of waste glass. ( 2) Glass and glass raw material melting and evaporation of harmful substances in the production process of glass and glass raw material harmful substances in the evaporation and make people's digestive system to digest absorb harmful substances, and on the surrounding environment lead to environmental pollution, such as lead, fluorine, arsenic, etc. ( 3) Glass and glass raw material harmful substances touch digestion, absorption, 420 in glass manufacturing, production processing and application in the whole process, glass and glass raw material harmful substances and touch people, according to the skin and mucous membrane of the digestion and absorption and poisoning, such as thallium, beryllium, arsenic, etc. ( 4) Glass and glass raw material of radioactive materials such as uranium, shi glass and its manufacturing raw materials commonly used oxidation of uranium and thorium air oxidation with radioactive material, will lead to certain damage to the personal safety.
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