Qiqihaer city cosmetics packaging printing video

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Qiqihaer city cosmetics packaging printing video three, nozzle, emulsion pump, hand washing pump 2, mold temperature and length measurement. Die temperature directly affect the cooling speed of melting and the degree of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity is different, the plastic pieces of different performance. Usually, the mould temperature control in 100 ~ 140 ℃, when molding thin-wall plastic parts, desirable small value; Thick wall molding plastic parts, large desirable values at the top of the mutant with non-return ring screw, its surface hardness and wear resistance, length to diameter ratio L/D = ( 15 ~ 20) : 1 compression ratio is about 3:1. Environmental protection industry to the future to maintain 18% growth in environmental protection industry is to point to in the national economy structure, for the purpose of pollution, ecology, protect the natural resources of technology products, commercial circulation, resource utilization, the floorboard of the information service, project contracting and other activities. Environmental protection industry is a cross industry, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, cross each other with other sectors of the economy, the mutual infiltration comprehensive emerging industries. And green development as one of five big development strategy, resource conservation, friendly development path, is a common thread of development of our future. Technology rapid development, gradually into the field of environmental protection,. Also known as environmental wisdom, is the development and extension of digital environmental protection. From the point of view of structure, can be divided into three layers structure. The base layer ( Perception layer) Mainly includes the pollution treatment facilities ( Pollution source) The scene the perception, the use of modern sensor, analyzer, intelligent instrument, etc. Among them, for the enterprise, to be consciously combines innovation, planning, innovation, cooperation innovation. Standardize the market. At the moment, the number of environmental protection enterprise in our country has greatly, but still need in fluctuation kongfu. Urgent, should raise the entry barriers, eliminate a number of technology does not pass, there are even behavior of enterprises, the market 'gold content'. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 'Total catch big protection, don't make a big' is the premise of the Yangtze river economic belt is an important economic engine. Out of the water management, atmospheric governance to solid management, the Yangtze river economic belt is the outline of the new images of ecological protection. From three aspects of ecological position in the Yangtze river economic belt to reshape green engine of the Yangtze river is China's longest river, the third longest river, is, the communication between the north and the south east of waterway. 3, the quantity is commonly 3000 - 10000, can decide the color, usually do primary grinding and magnetic white is given priority to, or effect of pearl powder, bottle and cover with the same quality of the mother, but sometimes due to the bottle and cover with different material, the color has some difference. Screen printing with ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink effects, luster and stereo feeling, should first play when production version to confirm color, screen printing effect will be different in different material. 7, mold fees and requirements: 4, special distributor such as foam pump head and hands button type nozzle, is a kind of filling and gas bubble pump type hand pump head, do not need to fill gas to generate foam, only high quality foam can be produced. Equipped with a special bottle. Hand sprayer is usually used in detergents and other products. It is well known that the growth of the environmental protection industry in our country, the research has forecast, 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during the environmental protection industry growth will exceed 20%. Many large enterprises with capital role in environmental protection, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) despite the number of dominant, but obviously in a weak position, highlight the point on the. Is environmental protection, small and medium enterprises face problems. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Intensive market demand, policy and governance greatly boosted the bearing of the environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry ushered in the new development opportunity. The industry is expected to 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during the scale of investment in environmental protection industry is expected to reach 17 trillion yuan. Recently, the protection, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry of agriculture, health and family planning commission jointly held a detailed survey of soil pollution in Beijing working to mobilize the deployment of video conference. Protection, love, and construction, the consciousness of the whole nation, has become one of the goal of the construction of Chinese modernization. In, carry forward the green civilization, advocating green concept, establish the scientific concept of development has become an urgent and difficult cultural project, the mass media play an important role in participating in the project at the same time, also have to close, the think-tank, the enterprise and the social from all walks of life, forming a consensus of development strategy in the whole society. Environmental protection ministry will continue to improve damage appraisal technology system, preparation of soil and groundwater, the nature of the pollutants, identification, alternative equivalent analysis appraisal of technical specifications. 'The plan' marks the ecological compensation system reform will be from first trial into a new stage of trial. Notable is that the plan clearly put forward that ecological compensation consultation is a precondition of litigation. In November, the top 10 cities is in turn: haikou, zhoushan, fuzhou, nanning, shenzhen, huizhou, lishui, guiyang, kunming and xiamen. Beijing-tianjin-hebei region 1-13 cities November average fine days compared with 59. 0%, compared with the 4. 8%. PM2。 Concentration of 5 to 63 micrograms per cubic meter, year-on-year decline in 11. 3%; PM10 concentration to 110 micrograms per cubic meter, fell by 12. 0%. Eight, PETG blister products with high, good toughness, suitable for forming of thick wall products, PETG processing forming performance, can be designed according to the intention of the designers, can be used in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and plastic absorption, molding, can be widely used in markets such as plate, high-performance shrinkage film, bottle, at the same time, the second time processing performance, can carry on processing and reformation of conventional. 9, bronzing, hot silver, such as processing and printing gold powder, silver powder effect on distinguishing, hard material and smooth surface is suitable to bronzing, hot silver, soft surface decoration effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss printing golden silver.
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