Online cosmetics bottles under the market tend to plastic packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
In traditional market cosmetics bottles, glass cosmetic bottles in shopping malls and container under the action of lamplight, more can reflect the high-end cosmetics temperament. But the market is changing, the rapid development of electronic commerce. The cosmetics online shopping market in recent years. Cosmetics market formed the impact of traditional more cosmetics not through the counter, but the display of the picture through the network to present in front of the eyes of consumers. So quietly place the cosmetic packing market began to change. For market online cosmetics bottle, plastic bottle is more suitable for cosmetics, because online shopping cosmetics need to involve more complex than the counter cosmetics logistics environment. Counter cosmetics bottle is usually a batch transportation, and online shopping cosmetics bottle is usually a small amount of was sent to the hands of consumers. Therefore, suitable for plastic cosmetic bottles. At the same time, plastic cosmetic bottle packaging costs compared with glass cosmetic bottles on cost greatly reduced, it would be huge for cosmetics network enterprise cost savings, as well as to contain the cosmetic bottle packaging of high-end luxury wind, which saves social resources and guide the correct cosmetics bottle packaging concept. For manufacturers, especially plastic bottle manufacturer, plastic cosmetic bottle is relying on the online shopping market to develop a good opportunity.
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