Market potential is large cosmetic bottles - - - - - - Xiang in the plastic

by:Lisson     2020-05-27
Cosmetics bottle is fine greatly affects the skin care products in the eyes of women status and their preference for the specific brand. In December 2009, yi sent consulting with the method of online survey, the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou aged 25 - , personal monthly income of 2500 yuan of above 35 white-collar female consumers to the cosmetic bottle packaging related survey, respondents according to the city of quotas, age and income is random, 1492 questionnaires investigation eventually get effective. Color translucent glass cosmetic bottles of the most popular in most questions like what kind of packing material of cosmetic, up to 78. 32% of women chose glass, selecting the color ratio of 46 translucent glass. 32%. Other material option data and regional cross-reference found that Shanghai women than the other two regional women prefer ceramic packaging of cosmetics, guangzhou women than the other two regional women prefer plastic packaging of cosmetics. Cosmetics to choose namely realistic USES again beautiful survey data show that women are most likely to be attracted cosmetics bottle packaging elements of ranking, in turn, is packing material ( 48. 48%) Capacity, packaging specifications ( 43. 51%) , packaging color ( 37. 55%) , packaging shape ( 37. 23%) Contents, color ( 28. 25%) 。 The Shanghai women are more affordable, the most attention capacity, packaging specifications guangzhou women pay most attention to the packing shape. Sixty percent of women have retained the habit of cosmetics bottles, according to the survey data of 59. After 52% of the women in the use of cosmetics, have retained the habit of cosmetics bottles, including 30. 19% of women use collection, and 29. 33% of women would make cosmetics bottles modified used for other purposes, such as deck bedroom or other items. North, respectively, women pay attention to environmental protection, the shelf life and anti-counterfeiting mark cosmetics bottles have different display logo on the package, the survey data show that in different parts of the female attention when buy packaging identifies each are not identical, women than other two areas in Beijing focus more on environmental protection and the recycling logo logo women focus more on cosmetic shelf life in Shanghai, women pay more attention to anti-counterfeiting mark in guangzhou area.
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