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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Now, cosmetics bottle packaging bottle type, style, material is more and more. This is largely because, first, the cosmetics market competition is intense, cosmetics manufacturers more and more high to the requirement of cosmetic packaging bottle, in order to make the product stand out, natural to the requirement of cosmetic packaging style also is more and more. Second, cosmetics bottle packaging technology development, making cosmetics bottle style is more and more rich. So, today we to take stock of cosmetics bottles what material. First of all, glass cosmetic bottles, style of high-grade appearance, is the most mainstream forms of packaging cosmetic market. The price of glass cosmetic bottles, packaging is generally is quite high. Second, PET cosmetic bottles, PET material transparent appearance, can shape a variety of types, the rapid development of the market in recent years. Again, PE cosmetics bottles, lotion bottles, etc. Many cosmetic bottles will adopt this kind of packing form, in the majority with white opaque. Then, metal cosmetic bottles, this class is generally high, the cost is higher. Finally, ceramic bottle packaging cosmetics, many domestic cosmetics are very willing to adopt this kind of packing form.
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