Introduction to AGAR cosmetic tube

by:Lisson     2020-11-20
We are professional manufacturer of cosmetic tube, type, size of cosmetic tube are very many, but due to the progress of technology, new products, new materials constantly emerging, and we must follow science and technology, the development of The Times, otherwise we are likely to be eliminated, today, small make up for everybody simple talk about AGAR cosmetic tube, if there is any mistake is inevitable, also please correct me a lot, specific content on AGAR cosmetic tube is as follows:
is the first what is the AGAR
by baidu, we query to
AGAR is extracted from seaweed polysaccharide, is one of the world's most widely used seaweed gel. It in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical, biological, engineering has been widely used in many ways, such as AGAR used in food can significantly alter the food quality, improve the level of food. The price is very high. Has its characteristic: coagulation, stability, and can form complex with some substances such as physical and chemical properties, can be used as a thickening agent, curing agent, suspending agent, emulsifying agent, preservative and stabilizer. Widely used in the manufacture of citrus and various cosmetics, jelly, ice cream, cakes, jelly, canned, meat, rice pudding, tremella bird's nest, soup, cold food, and so on. AGAR in the chemical industry, medical research, as a medium, ointment and other USES.

in order to simplify the DNA fragments in agarose cosmetics recycling, this is a new extrusion recycling method, cosmetics containing a DNA fragments between blocks in the folding of the sealing membrane, and then use a small plastic piece of DNA solution of thrusting cosmetics, all with his pipetting gun DNA solution into the effendorf extruded tubes, then use conventional phenol extraction and purification. Recovery rate of 40 - DNA 60% ( w/w) , this method is simple and effective, and the recovery of DNA can be used directly to enzyme digestion, connection and PCR and other molecular biology operation.
as for cosmetic tube use believe that everyone heard the most is used in the medical industry, it is also true.
ok, a simple introduction about AGAR cosmetic tube here, if there is any mistake is inevitable, also please correct me a lot, welcome everyone to discuss. 【 www。 yhmoju。 com】

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