Identify true and false cosmetics have a coup

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
Though the cosmetics that sells on the market many varieties and quality of the good and bad are intermingled, some even are fake and inferior commodities, these products not only harm the rights and interests of consumers also disrupted the market order. So, how to identify the authenticity of a cosmetics consumer? To this, the professionals provide some recognition of small coup. First of all, the cosmetics packaging labeling information. Specific means is that a batch number, the cosmetics packaging on whether complete, formal cosmetics daily hose manufacturer in the label on the outer packing production license, cosmetics hygiene license; Two, see whether labeled on cosmetics packaging production date and limited date; Third, the presence of manufacturer and origin of the information on the cosmetic packaging, formal cosmetics must indicate the product manufacturing and packaging enterprise name and address, imported cosmetics should state the origin of name, the district name, the name of the manufacturer name, address or dealers, importers and address and other information; Fourth, the cosmetics have all ingredients on the package. According to the requirements of article 12 of the regulation on administration of cosmetics label, cosmetics should use Chinese annotation in the packing details of the composition table. Second, consumers can also through cosmetics packaging anti-counterfeiting mark to identify its authenticity. Food hose manufacturer, according to the related technical personnel is now a relatively advanced anti-counterfeiting technology used in cosmetics field is texture anti-counterfeiting, it is like a fingerprint, is to identify the basis of their identity. When consumer is buying the cosmetics, the product with the security system on the shooting gathering, Numbers in advance registration and stored in the database of the picture file compare, can identify the authenticity of cosmetics. Learned, beginning from 2010, p&g has the safeguard, Gillette, comfortable treasure, head and shoulders and other brand products labeled with the texture anti-counterfeiting, consumers can through telephone, fax, Internet and other ways obtaining these brand product image file, to distinguish authenticity. Professional personage warns customer, generally to formal channels for cosmetics, in order to avoid to buy fake goods. At the same time, be sure to properly keep good shopping receipts, as proof of rights in the future. When you meet the problem should be timely to the technical supervision departments, industrial and commercial administrative departments, institutions such as consumer society reflect, cosmetics hoses to recoup their losses. Also, don't trust the businessman of the so-called 'support counters inspection' propaganda, because the shop sales personnel are not trained, there is no special test equipment, so high for some products, they could not identify accurately.
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