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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Identify ways (1) density method of commonly used plastic: check the density of all kinds of plastic, with liquid medium, test its ups and downs in the plastic in liquid medium, to discern rough plastic categories, such as a piece of plastic on the water, float on the water can be concluded that raw material is not PVC ( Due to the density of PVC > 1) 。 (2) the burning method: mainly examines the color of the flame and burning smell and smoke, in general, the raw material of polyolefins combustion flame is blue or light blue, mild smell and light, with a white smoke, whereas most of the raw material with benzene or chlorine easy to smoke after burning, strong smell. In addition, such as PE, PP dripping phenomenon, and PVC, etc, no burning, but have self-extinguishing phenomenon. (3) optical method: mainly examines the transparency of raw material, usually used transparent material is: PS, PC, PMMA, AS; Translucent material: PE, random copolymerized PP, homopolymerization PP, soft PVC, ABS, etc, the other raw material basically is opaque. (4) color distinguishing method: generally speaking, do not add fertilizer raw material, if itself contains double bond, the color will show slightly yellow, such as ABS, with butadiene copolymer, polymer after polymerization still contain a double bond, so will show slightly yellow. Most of the discrimination method draws on a variety of other instruments, such as infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), differential thermal scanning, thermal analysis, etc.
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