ge advanced materials offers solutions for hpc: from cosmetic packaging to skin care formulas to wax and polish for cars and homes, the company has a full roster of materials for the household and personal care industry.

by:Lisson     2020-02-20
It has GE\'s resources behind it, a wide variety of new materials on the market, complete product development channels, and GE\'s advanced materials provide a wide range of products for home and personal care (HPC)industry.
\"Achieving organic growth through innovation is the way forward for GE,\" explains Paula Pinto, head of the professional fluid global business team.
\"In 2003, GE received $1,450. S.
Patents and the company continue to invest heavily in its global research center to provide more support for its R & D efforts.
\"The company\'s silicone range helps to make softer lotions, shampoos and conditon;
Dry antisweat agent;
A smoother UV sunscreen and a brighter, easier-to-apply makeup.
The benefits of silicone have been understood by cosmetics and home product formulators for many years, but company executives recently provided details of some new products when visiting the company\'s research center in Tarrytown, New York.
The Advanced Materials business operates four global technology innovation centers in the United States. S.
Germany, China and India.
According to the Lady
Pinto, a technology transfer between these centers and among other GE business units, enables the Advanced Materials Department to develop new solutions for the personal care and home products market.
For example, GE researchers found new ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by studying the results of their coating groups.
\"All of our scientists realize that we only touch the surface of material science . \"Pinto.
\"It\'s really in its infancy.
\"They may still have a long way to go, but GE Advanced Materials chemists have launched an impressive range of products in various fields.
Vanessa Mirabile, cosmetics packaging industry manager, explains how polycarbonate ex resin replaces elegant but fragile glass in a variety of packages for cosmetics and toiletries.
At the same time, GE advanced materials company sells materials for those things in cosmetics and cosmetics packaging.
Sue Ellen Bennett, cosmetics product manager, explained that the company\'s Softouch bn powder reduces the appearance of wrinkles, provides high lubrication and improves wear and tear in color cosmetics.
\"There are huge opportunities for growth in skin care . \"Bennett.
Boron and nitrogen help to resist scattered light
Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. \" Ms.
Bennett also pointed out that boron and nitrogen are also used in sun protection: when added to the sunscreen formula, boron and nitrogen additives in pigment dispersion will keep the SPF value unchanged over time for up to two years.
The benefits of adding silicone to the hair care formula are well known ---
The material improves the sliding, enhances the gloss, provides protection and repairs for damage.
Beatrice Blanco, global marketing manager, explained that on this basis, last year GE Advanced Materials launched Silshine 151, a pre-production of silicone film, can bring high gloss personal and home care to lips and hair.
John Nicholson, head of skin care global programs, noted: \"Silshine 151 provides a better gloss than benzenone . \".
In fact, according to a sensory group test, 8 of the 10 team members prefer Silshine instead of benzenone due to its durability and non-functionality
Migration properties.
Also in 2004, GE launched the SF 1540, a 40% active milk oil concentrate that provides Formula space in the oil phase of color cosmetics, AP/Deos, sunscreen and skincare products
Another new product of GE is Silsoft Q, a cation amino silicone Ternary Polymer hair conditioner that promotes color, shape retention and conditioning properties.
According to the Lady
This year, GE will launch at least four new products for skin and hair care applications.
However, while the application of silicone in personal care formulations may be the most famous, GE Advanced materials also provide a range of ingredients for home care formulations.
Robert Ruckle, global market manager, home care, home applications, told happiness that the company offers a complete product line from being used for wet, resistantfog and foam-
Control properties of Formasil organo-
There are various applications of modified silicone emulsion in household and industrial and institutional cleaners.
Formasil silicone, for example, can make ironing easier and provide resistance
According to the company\'s executives, the wrinkle performance, even improve the whiteness.
One of the latest additions to the Formasil series is the Formasil 433, a special silicone that improves the penetration and diffusion capabilities of automotive and shoe oils.
Regardless of whether the chemist is preparing a new shoe oil or cream, GE Silicone has ingredients that enhance the formula.
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