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Flat Plastic Squeeze Tube for BB Cream

Flat Plastic Squeeze Tube for BB Cream

Type of shipping
By Air or By Sea or International Express
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Pre-production sample time
10 Working Days
Minimum Order
10000 Pcs
Payment Terms
TT 50% In Advance, 50% Before Shipment

Flat Plastic Squeeze Tube for BB Cream 

1.Cosmetic tubes are the perfect way to package your products for wholesale distribution. Whether you’re a cosmetic manufacturer or just looking for the finishing touches to your own products, Lisson cosmetic tube factory will you offer decorative and gradient styles in an array of sizes.

2.Looking to buy wholesale cosmetic tubes online? We have the right package for you! Our decorative cosmetic tubes are available in various colors, patterns, and sizes for wholesale orders. The cosmetic tubes are made with durable plastic that will not crack or leak under normal use. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our package of cosmetic packaging tubes.

3.It's time to ditch your old-fashioned, clunky, and inefficient packaging for a sleek, lightweight alternative. Lisson cosmetic tubes are perfect for high-end beauty brands who want to show off their product in a modern package. The decorative plastic cosmetic tube has a gradient color that changes from dark at the top to light at the bottom - perfect for showcasing your product!

Lisson plastic cosmetic squeeze tubes are perfect for wholesale! We offer a range of colors and sizes to fit your needs. From round cosmetic tubes to gradient ones, Lisson cosmetic tube factory has been manufacturing quality cosmetic tubes for over 20 years.

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