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Custom D19 Empty Plastic Squeeze Tube for Makeup and Skincare

Custom D19 Empty Plastic Squeeze Tube for Makeup and Skincare

Custom D19 Empty Plastic Squeeze Tube for Makeup and Skincare

Suitable for
Cosmetic Skincare, Personal Care, Beauty Care
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel, Serum, Oil...
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
PE, PCR plastic, Sugarcane Bioplastic, ABL
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen,Hot Stamping, Labeling, 1-8 color printing
Cap Material
Cap Decoration
Metallization, Lacquering, Frosted, Gloss, Matte optional
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
Logo and Printing Custom Service
in Stock

Factory Custom D19 Empty Plastic Squeeze Tube for makeup skincare products--LISSON Packaging

1. Plastics, cosmetics and a squeeze, that is the name of the game. When you see Lisson range of plastic squeeze tubes, you will realize what hours and hours of research have gone into design, manufacturing, performance and durability to create the industry standard. The best part is that our busy schedule can now help us reap the rewards of our hard work-professional plastic squeeze tubes in a match with customer's brand in nuts and bolts

2. These are not your run-of-the-mill cosmetic tubes. These are custom-skinned to your brand, your color, and your name. They are made to feel like a favorite luxury product. Made in Lisson cosmetic tube factory with 23+ years experience.

3. With Lisson plastic cosmetic tube, your cosmetics are packed with imagination and represent a new era of freedom and self worth.

4. All cosmetic tube products comes with different shapes and styles, they are assembled through a process of squeezing, stretching and stamping tubing. The result is the most natural form of application for your cosmetic products. Lisson cosmetic tube is capable to be branded professionally with your logo, this functional yet chic plastic squeeze tube is a great way to create your own.

5.Colorful, flexible and durable-Lisson plastic cosmetic tubes.

Of all the cosmetic packaging choices in the world, one of the most important is your cosmetic tube. Do you want your company logo with an imprint or without? Do you want a classic or contemporary design? At Lisson cosmetic tube factory, your aesthetic needs and branding interests are at the top of our list for what we strive to provide for you.

1. This cosmetic tube manufacturer is perfect for many cosmetic and healthcare companies, or someone who wants to have their own personal branded squeeze tubes. These tubes are not just for cosmetics, but can be used for a wide range of products, including cold and cough remedies, cleaners, shampoos and lotions, hand sanitizer, and more. The bright colors and excellent shape also ensure that these tubes are good looking and high-quality, as well as able to stand up to everyday usage.

2. Preserve your skin's natural elasticity, clear your skin, and make our cosmetic tube look awesome! Creating cosmetic tubes made of pp, or polypropylene, prc or more, is easy with our refillable, self-sealing cosmetic tube. You'll love the way your cosmetic tube looks and feels—and in no time you'll be packaging other products and sell them too!

3. Pull out the perfect-sized brush in your handbag with these cosmetics tubes. Each contains custom capacity of adhesive-free, magnetic makeup. The end caps are completely free of any glue so you can use your professional-looking make-up brushes with these convenient tubes. 

4. A classic and universal container, squeeze tubes are reminiscent of the early days of tube packaging. We love their almost universal profile and classic shape finely designed by Lisson cosmetic tube factory . Our carefully manufacturedsqueeze tubes are built in bulk and are perfect for your branding and marketing outreach.

5.  Meet the fun new way to apply your cosmetics. Say goodbye, to the disposable plastic bottle, and hello to this all-in-one Cosmetic Tube! Empty your favorite beauty products into the bottom of the squeeze tube, and twist the top to enjoy all those bottles of exquisite goodness. All in one color glossy package, perfect for any event or promotional use.

6. We are one of the many intermediaries of the cosmetic business and glad to offer you high quality cosmetic tubes. Our cosmetic tubing is obtained from thick Polyethylene or Photopolymer or PET material or PCR that is ecologically friendly and safe to use. You can find these sqeeze tubes in different diameters and widths, such as for water, liquid and powder. These plastic cosmetic tubes are easy to assemble, easy to clean and can be reused. We offer customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and decent service so you can put your trust on Lisson cosmetic tube factory-China squeeze tube manufacturer which has served for 200,000 customers around the world.

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