Ezhou, plastic container well-known enterprises

by:Lisson     2020-06-11
Ezhou, plastic container well-known enterprises do not use a long residence time, in order to prevent the molecular weight decreased. As far as possible avoid temperature above 300 ℃. If the downtime is less than 15 minutes. Just make air-launched processing; If more than 15 minutes, then use PE clean, viscosity and the barrel temperature drop to PE, until it is. 5, the production cycle is commonly 4 to 5 days, the cartons are occupied location, suggested that small batch order and inventory of the agreement. Bottle embryo through a heat lamp light, to soften the portion of the bottle embryo, in order to keep the bottle shape, bottle embryo is don't need to be heated, so you need a cooling device for cooling operations. Environment minister ji-ning Chen requirements, the environmental protection departments to 'sink', 'head' to solve the problem; Found that the problem can't hide, can't whitewash. Ji-ning Chen on and discussed related to environmental protection during the spirit of the comb. In work report, to ecological protection work has carried on the detailed deployment, clearly put forward strengthening ecological protection. According to data shows, the farmland soil points which are 19 respectively. Excess 4%, heavy metal pollution problems, cadmium is one of the primary pollutants. 'Industrial and mining enterprises discharge of pollutants, farmland fertilizer and casting, livestock farming, etc. , are likely to cause excess cadmium pollution in soil and crops. 'Help the environmental protection bureau chief engineer Wang Puyang said the management way is to put an end to the source of pollution, because of the difficulty of the repair and the time required, far beyond imagination. In the same year, with big serial jia group jointly funded ge. Among them, the green garden of science and technology has a 55% stake. Capital in the 'big MAC' car announced in July this year, rural water treatment market. Construction, building and so on big countries 'or otherwise enter the market of environmental protection in the form of mergers and acquisitions. Had the media statistics, in 2016 of the 128 central enterprises, has 61 central enterprises involved in energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy industries. In 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission, housing, urban and rural launched the eat hutch waste recycling use pilot city construction. Pilot city construction, and effectively promote the improvement of the urban functions and levels, in solving the health of the people's livelihood, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, etc play an important push. Bottle of billet heating are done by the heating oven, the temperature by artificial setting, automatic adjustment. In the oven by the far infrared lamp emit far infrared ray to preform radiation heating, thermal cycle by fan at the bottom of the oven, make the evenness of temperature in the oven. Bottle preform forward movement and rotation in the oven, make the bottle preform wall heated evenly. 6, in order to ensure design effect, and color printing you have samples than documentary, can undertake computer first proofing when output film, charge according to the color and size, usually 75 yuan/P10, such as holding bags, gift bags and high customer to printing requirement, want to use the version for effect. France: securing much fill too much French taxes related to environmental protection, petroleum products, a carbon tax, consumption tax, energy taxes, transportation charge, pollution tax and resource tax and so on. In 2008 French tax revenue of 41 billion euros, accounted for 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) and about 5% of the total tax revenue. French tax big tax for energy taxes, in 2008, the French energy tax revenue accounted for 68% of QiShui revenues. 'Hong-hwa Chen said. He introduces, according to the masses, nanjing county environmental protection personnel first lock the two papermaking companies. A preliminary investigation found that ulterior motives to steal the choice of the waste water in the heavy rain day's night, also entered and drainage tubes. Cement in only 1 m high of the culvert under the water, water, water, personnel at the scene inspection, is almost half diving. First of all, our country environmental protection equipment technology in production is low, market competitiveness; Secondly, industry concentration degree is low, technical equipment backward, low level of specialization; Environmental protection equipment series, and low level of localization, and normal product relative surplus, etc. , in general, excess low, the lack of the outstanding problems, seriously hindered the healthy development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry in our country. Encourage the development of industrial agglomeration, level of economical and intensive utilization of land, the soil pollution. Strengthen related industry pollution prevention and control of heavy metals. Strict enforcement of heavy metal pollutants and to carry out the relevant index of total amount control, intensify inspection, after the rectification is still substandard enterprises, in accordance with the law shall be ordered to its close, close, and list the enterprise to the public. According to the ministry statistics, by the end of 2015, our country more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions of the environmental protection department has presented more than 20 m enterprises with a discharge permit. But over the next five years, emission permits will make significant changes. In general office recently issued by foreign 'plan' clearly put forward, to improve the control of pollutant discharge permit system ( Under the system of tradable permits) , implement enterprise or business the unit discharge permit to deployment. Enhance PET melting point 260 ℃, in order to prevent the nozzle blocking, power larger heater should be installed. In addition, the nozzle hole processed into figure - The inverse cone type 1, make the flow channel and the nozzle in the molten material can be easily cut. Four, common question 4, cream bottle, plastic bottle, cover, cover, inside outside the bottle, the tank.
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