Environmental protection under the weight of plastic products and markets

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
China plastics industry obtained the accomplishments that have astonished the world, has realized the historical spanning. Under the background that in this era of environmental protection, plastic products and markets? Especially in recent two years, the environmental protection on the particularly severe, many factories have moved away from the center city, my side is a very good example of here before a lot of industrial zone, 98 industrial zone, and so on, super much, but now can be seen everywhere in the industrial zone, the factory has few plastic products factory, a lot of times facing the processing of pollutants, smaller companies unable to cope with the philosophy of environmental protection department check, fines, and often overwhelmed, can only move out, at home, at the same time a series of environmental protection policy, the specification of the recycled plastic recycling enterprise cost, environmental cost and purchasing cost increasing, combined with the international petroleum price has fallen sharply in recent months in recycled plastic and native plastic spreads narrowed, recycled plastic recycling industry, causes the domestic plastic recycling use in a certain degree. Beginning in 2019, the domestic will completely farewell 'foreign garbage' import history, source reduction, and recycled plastic and recycled plastic particles in the form of primary production, will run development of recycled plastics industry in China caused a larger degree of raw materials costs. Plastic bottles is the use of polyester, PET) , polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) As raw material, after adding the corresponding organic solvent, after high temperature heating, side effects are reported by plastic mould materials, long-term consumption of food contaminated by polyethylene molecules, can make the person dizziness, headache, nausea, anorexia, decreased memory, etc. , and anemia. With plastic bottles of vinegar, so vile and to human health. So, should use glass instead of plastic products in the family all spices, and so on. In the past, consumers for using waste plastics production of consumer goods in doubt, along with the unceasing enhancement of environmental consciousness, domestic consumers are from the thinking mode of 'waste garbage' jumped out of the formation of the 'waste - Renewable resources - Of renewable green consumer 'the new consumption idea, laid a solid foundation for the application of the recycled plastic. At the same time, along with the rise of the global tide of environmental protection, green plastic products consumption gradually become a new social orientation and fashion. With the development of plastic packaging materials and packaging technology, plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetics and washing products packaging, the price is low, rich source of the plastic material and forming good performance, the plastic bottles can be made into all kinds of structure and shape. Ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging container, for the most part based on high density polyethylene. Transparent packaging transparent packaging and partially transparent packaging, is through the transparent packaging materials, some or all of the packing of display in product form, can make the buyers directly see food image, color and quality, can not only reflect the natural beauty of goods, and convenient for customers to identify the choose and buy. Such as transparent plastic food bottle, candy jar, bottle, etc. Be clear at a glance, let the consumer gives up, sales soared. Due to the transparent plastic container can let consumers to see the content clearly, so the consumer demand for transparent PP plastic container is more and more widely, and is to meet the requirements of transparent PP material, PP transparent bottles of development is a hot topic at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. High transparent pp container, has the very good transparency and gloss, appreciation sex strong, popular. So now in the invention of recycled plastic, recycled plastic itself strong price is cheaper than the new material, can also according to different requirements, processing a certain property, can produce the corresponding products, won't make such big loss. Along with the development of technology progress, makes now the recycled plastic has a degree of elasticity, higher strength and wear-resisting performance, good insulation properties. HIPS is currently on the market, for example, an excellent recycled plastic, its impact strength is very high, more than four times higher than plastic abs. Its electrical insulation is very good also, HIPS more easily colored, also easy to printing. And especially easy to broken, don't use rubber modified way of impact resistance of the faults. Because of its natural advantages of environmental protection, making the recycled plastic is more and more be favorred. The era of environmental protection, renewable plastic will be popular! Recycled plastic will become the development trend of plastic industry, the prospect one be bright!
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