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D19 Airless Pump Eye Cream Plastic Squeeze Tube Cosmetic Packaging

D19 Airless Pump Eye Cream Plastic Squeeze Tube Cosmetic Packaging

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D19 Airless Pump Eye Cream Plastic Squeeze Tube Cosmetic Packaging

Eye Cream Tube, Lip Gloss Tube, Hand Cream Tube, Makeup Tube etc. all kinds of plastic cosmetic tube packaging we can do.

Minimum order just 10000pcs. Sample in stock! For more information, please send a message to us. 24X7 hours online for you!

1.With our airless pump cosmetic tube, there is no need to worry about how much product is left in the plastic cosmetic tube. Simply squeeze and go! Our plastic tubes are available for any cosmetic application - from creams to lotions, serums to masks. Our factory offers free samples so you can be sure the product is right for you before ordering in bulk. With our impressive workmanship and promotional custom graphic design options, your packaging will stand out on store shelves.

2.The perfect way to package your oil-based serums, moisturizers, and creams. These airless plastic tubes are sealed with a protective coating that prevents color contamination or leakage. You can also take advantage of our free sample service! We'll send you an impressive work of plastic squeeze tubes with custom graphic art to use as the cosmetic tube container packaging for your new product.

3.Plastic squeeze tubes are perfect for storing liquids, creams, gels, and other viscous materials. These airless pump cosmetic tube packaging suppliers boast an impressive workmanship that will leave you in awe. You can get a free sample of our plastic squeeze tubes to see how they compare to the competition!

4.Our airless pump plastic squeeze tubes are a cosmetic tube packaging supplier’s dream come true. These premium plastic squeeze tubes with impressive workmanship and custom graphic design will leave your customers impressed from the moment they feel the weight of our airless cosmetic tubes in their hands.

5.Our cosmetic plastic squeeze tubes impress with their airless pump, custom graphic design on demand, and free samples. With impressive workmanship and competitive factory prices that are hard to beat, as one of cosmetic tube packaging suppliers, Lisson cosemtic tube factory offers the best value for your money.

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