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Customer looking for high end facial wash packaging

   Guangzhou Lisson plastic tube Co.,ltd is a factory which focus on high end cosmetic tube packaging.  We are working on creating one-stop service platform.

  We have many kins of facial cleanser tube packaging for your choice. The basic tube packaging is round plastic tube with  round screw cap or special shape screw cap. The next choice is round plastic with round flip top cap or tube with crease match flip top cap which can be turn 360°。 The third choice is plastic tube, ABL tube or high gloss tube with silica gel brush applicator, and the cap can be transparent and colored, as well as aluminum covered etc. The fourth choice is tube with vibration soft silica gel brush applicator. Four level choices for your different market design.

  Our facial cleanser tube packaging is well selled at home and abroad. We have a client, Gichancy, a skin care & make up company, which need more than 1,0000,000 pieces facial cleanser tube packaging in one year. Abroad customer we have Moogoo, Cosmax and unique etc. Our market range from Asian-Pacific region,Thailand, Korea to Australia, France, Mexico,Italy and America etc.

 We have more than 20 years manufacture experience in cosmetic and skin care  tube packaging.

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