Current conditions are cosmetics packaging and printing video

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Current conditions are cosmetics packaging printing preparation blow molding bottles, video will first PET chip for bottle preform injection molding, it requires that the secondary recycling material ratio cannot be too high ( Less than 5%) Cannot exceed twice, and recycling and low molecular weight and viscosity can't ( The molecular weight of 31000 - 50000, characteristic viscosity of 0. 78 - 0. 85立方厘米/ g) 。 On May 19, fudan university school of economics and enterprise information research group released the enterprise information index ( Mid - 2017 comprehensive report) 》( Hereinafter referred to as 'report') 。 Heavy pollution industry report screen 16 class of 170, the public data of its release, the level of information and analysis. Injection molding in is mainly used to enhance the PET molding. Usually adopts screw injection machine. Screw is typically require hardening treatment, lest abrasion occurs after use for a long time. The length of the injection machine nozzle holes should be as short as possible, its diameter should be controlled at about 3 mm. Hosting service type - — Service project contract, determine the service and price. After the project is put into service in accordance with the contract price to charge a service demand directly. This can also be as a 'property' environmental protection, suitable for sewage definite and can charge of projects. Changes to agricultural technology innovation is obvious to all, mechanization popularization, area yield, of course not. The change of agricultural irrigation work, is an important microcosm of utilization of water resources; Fertiliser use organic fertilizer manufacturing and production; Pesticides, gradually withdraw from the historical stage, but also physical insecticidal technology and improved insect resistance crops research and development of gratifying change. 1, the material of plastic bottles are usually for PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Industry insiders pointed out that in terms of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and environmental protection services to promote the environmental protection equipment of made a surge in demand, under the guidance of policy, actively promoting environmental protection towards the direction of the management, equipment transformation, need a lot of automation, digital application solutions, this provides environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry with huge market demand, equipment manufacturers for the development of environmental protection industry chain demand, actively promote the innovation of the new technology application, has realized fast. 5, bottle caps, general equipped with gaskets, lid, plug in, very few with small spoon or dropper, which mainly consider its impermeability, and ease of use. PET plastic injection molding process is one of very important technology in plastics processing, for the PET plastic bottles, in most cases the plastic packaging plant will adopt the blow molding processing, but the injection molding process is a unique advantage, for PET injection molding, the technicians need to consider many factors. 一) Design, electricity output, proofing, press computation of P; Dr. Huang, vice minister of protect securities regulatory commission vice brina to attend the ceremony and delivered a speech. Dr. Huang pointed out that since the gay as the core height of ecological civilization construction and protection, to ecological civilization and the protection of important instructions for many times, put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas new strategy. Green green finance policy is an important guarantee of protection measures. , cast, in the long term, set design, equipment manufacture or procurement, engineering general contracting, in a body and across many integrated service providers in each niche or will be a very competitive market participants, the technology integration and the ability of resource integration will be crucial, and merger integration is expected to become an important means of implementing interdisciplinary service ability. 's procuratorate issued the guiding case, a total of five personal a civil public welfare lawsuit and three, environmental protection bureau of the administrative public welfare lawsuit, the jilin baishan city's procuratorate v. baishan city 'in the area of health and family planning bureau and the snowland area administrative incidental civil public welfare lawsuit especially noteworthy. 2, the material chosen depending on the product packaging requirements to the carton material and parts structure, generally require plate, knife CARDS and the packing box and so on to strengthen protection ability, can according to customer requirements, high density print hard, price is higher, optional kraft paper or white paper liner. 1, production plate, sheet: 2, glass screen printing: in the blank or frosted or spraying effect of screen printing on the bottle, should choose high temperature ink, color after the high temperature roasting, will not fade and not easily scratching, color is relatively heavy, to select the manufacturer of high temperature furnace for screen printing, the printing is commonly more than 5000, 5000 by 500 yuan/style/color charge below, more than 5000 press 0. 1 yuan/color time calculation.
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