Cosmetics packaging shape tends to small

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Reporter found in cosmetics market, compared to the previous 50 ml, 100 ml cream skin lotion, 400 ml 200 ml water, less capacity now is young people love the small bottle of cosmetics. Citizens zhang said: 'the small bottle of cosmetics, easy to carry, and there is no big bottles of cosmetics for a long time to burn 'using fatigue problems. “比; > > 'Small wind' incoming portable cosmetics counters on urban area, a large supermarket, filled with large and small different skin care cosmetics, selected a set of some brand suit zhang wash protect products, including cleanser, lotion, body lotions, creams, four bottles of water, in addition to facial cleanser has a capacity of 100 ml, the remaining three bottles are small package. According to sales staff, at present the market small packaging of cosmetics bottles especially popular, 'as the essence of the 5 ml, commonly known as the' mini ', volume low prices and relatively large bottle a lot less, because of easy to carry, many women like it. 'The reporter see salesperson recommend this product and box series, each vacuum pump package is content is' mini 'essence of 5 ml bottle. In addition to the essence of this kind of products, the nurse daily series brand on the market also began to small bottle. In several other cosmetics brand shop, the reporter also saw many brands of skin care products with mini and small small bottle packaging. > > > Exquisite packaging cosmetics fresher in addition, the reporter found that the make-up not only small mini bottle, and various brands of bottled modelling is unique, let a person fondle admiringly. 'Small bottle packaging shape is very beautiful, take out a special feast for the eyes, love beautiful women will pay attention to this kind of packing more beautiful cosmetics. Small bottle and has inherent advantages, you need to use a 100 ml bottle of lotion for 3 months to use up, the amount of 30 ml is only enough for a month. Packaging greatly narrowed, use time shorten quickly also, the effect of product can also be maximizing naturally. 'Cosmetics salesman introduced the advantages of small bottle to the reporter, because after open a bottle of cosmetics, the inside of the products will be constantly in contact with the air oxidation and began gradually, the process, not only will keep nutrient loss, efficacy will be falling. 'Small bottle was able to keep products after open a bottle of fresh, let skin effect into full play. Like this small plant essence, use cycle for a month, a small bottle is the dosage of the week, will use cycle is greatly shortened. “比; > > Small bottle is deep 'discard' women love small bottles of cosmetics in addition to the effect of above advantages, for women, 'discard' small bottles of cosmetics bottles can also satisfy their psychological needs. Zhang said he is belong to this type of person, 'the three months to buy a new set of cosmetics, or a month will be able to buy a set? Believe most people obsessed with shopping would prefer the latter. Every month more than a reason to go to the mall, even if no big bottle was the namesake fizzy cosmetics. Businesses really caught the woman customer pain points. 'Are looking for ms zhao also said:' sometimes the large bottle will really feel tired of using cosmetics, but chuck and loathe to give up. Always didn't wait out large bottle before they bought a bottle of, the result is a big waste. The namesake fizzy cosmetics just solved the problem. 'Said ms zhao, small bottle is not wasted, in new products is also very convenient, not because a batch of unused before buying new and waste, moreover, carry very convenient, especially when need to go out, don't need to bring a large bottle to increase the burden of luggage.
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