Cosmetics packaging material manufacturer to tell you what are the commonly used cosmetics raw materials. Cosmetics packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
There are many women will ask: cosmetics can nourish the skin? This problem can't speak in general. To speak of from the raw material of cosmetics, to understand the role of the raw materials in the cosmetics, just know whether really can play a role, what kind of role play. Can this like a pot of supplements, what can I do to see with the raw material, the material some what effect. So, in the process of cosmetics packaging materials products processing production, what are the commonly used cosmetics raw materials? What are the commonly used cosmetics raw material, in fact, cosmetics raw materials are commonly used substrate material and functional material two kinds big: cosmetics matrix material is what? Remember the experiment online inspection popular cosmetics? Some detection methods purpose is to identify a makeup oil, emulsifier, cosmetics that are the basis of the material. 1, oily materials: the main raw material in cosmetics. Used to restrain skin moisture to evaporate, moisturize and smooth the skin. 2, surfactant: the water affinity of hydrophilic group and lipophilic group of oil has affinity. 3, moisturizing factor, have the function of hygroscopic material, is a most important component of cosmetics. 4, reinforced adhesion agent: change of cosmetics and to paste viscosity, and emulsion thickening, make the products under the applicable state of viscosity and consistency has a good stability. 5, thin requests: can form the membrane materials. 6, powder materials: inorganic powder materials, organic powder raw materials are mainly of polyethylene powder and nylon powder. 7, other raw materials: essence, antioxidant and metal ions, rock mixture. What is functional cosmetics raw materials? Cosmetics matrix material is general skin moisturizing functions to solve the problem, like the early shell oil, white sparrow spirit, baby cream, such simple cosmetic ingredients, although a single function, but it is not easy to cause allergic, and this is why many people obsessed with the cause of the baby products. With the improvement of cosmetics technology, material innovation and research and development has more and more have a functional cosmetics raw material added to the formula, which makes the function of cosmetics are also more and more. Of course, the more complex products is, the more the possibility of problems. So consumers should not blindly pursue more effect. 1, sunscreen, sunscreen function, can be effective absorption and scattering solar radiation is harmful to the skin of 290 ~ 400 nm range of wavelengths. Sunscreen is divided into organic sunscreen ( Also known as uv absorber) And inorganic sunscreen. 2, preservatives: to prevent microbial growth or prevent product and product reaction of microbial growth. 3, colorants, used to adjust colour cosmetics. 4, whitening agent: role: black cells; Suppress the melanin; Inhibit tyrosine mei biosynthesis; For black known as chemical action or increase the cutin cell black degradation of plasmid. 5, deodorant, remove peculiar smell. 6, regulate class: has tonic or functional additives to improve skin problems. Such as: additive for acne. Acne is a kind of pilosebaceous chronic inflammation. The additives are: sebum inhibitors, cutin solute, bacteriostatic agent. 7, nutritional additives: ginseng extract, aloe vera, silk peptide, fibroin, extract, seaweed extract, super oxide dismutase (sod), ceramide, etc.
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