Cosmetics packaging design dynamic cosmetics packaging market

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetic packaging design market dynamic cosmetic packaging design market dynamic 20 years reform and opening up, China's cosmetics industry presents the unprecedented rapid development momentum. Cosmetics sales 23 per year on average. Growth of 8%, the highest of the year was 41%, and the growth rate is much higher than the average growth rate of the national economy, and has considerable potential for development. In 2005, the scale of China's cosmetics market is close to 68. 4 billion yuan, predicts 2010, the cosmetics market annual sales of up to 80 billion yuan, the annual average increase to 8. g%。 From 2010 to 2015, sales of 110 billion yuan, annual increment is 6. 22%. Such a large market has picked up rapidly from behind the scenes to the front, cosmetics packaging industry in a plumb. With the high-speed development of national economy, and beauty is no longer unattainable luxury cosmetics, cosmetics this fashion consumer gradually become mainstream products in people's lives. “ Before the old Wang Xietang yan, flying off the shelves & throughout; , become fashionable pursuit of beautiful beautiful eyebrow in the United States and not GanShaoHua the late cyber-based essential thing in the bag. In order to attract consumer attention, strengthen its product competitiveness, cosmetics and perfume manufacturers also pay more and more attention to packaging innovation and novelty, many packaging suppliers believe that product packaging design become more important than ever before. Smart businessmen know: packing can dry chemical products into a panacea. Packaging can make goods graphically, design can make the products meet customer psychological, spiritual and cultural needs, so as to promote sales. Any modern fashion lovers can identify with, whether good or bad, clothes can give a person the first impression. It is also the right for product packaging, because consumers from the product packaging is get a first impression. So, in the modern cosmetics production, many high-end cosmetics packaging in up to 70% of all the product cost and the birth of a new brand in the cosmetics market more to build its market position by appropriate product packaging. Appropriate packaging not only can stimulate consumer senses directly, but also the grade of the brand can be reflected incisively and vividly. At this time of the packaging has static storage development from ancient times to modern circulation medium, it extends far beyond the packaging itself for the value of the goods. In such a big cosmetics market, Chinese brand the proportion is still quite low. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, in addition to marketing and brand building, product quality, the cosmetics packaging design also determines the market performance of the product. After China's accession to the WTO, the global brand management has become an important strategy, enterprise international competition of brand development, brand education, innovation and other issues are increasingly brought to the attention of the domestic enterprises, although there is no international brand, rich experience in brand management, also the lack of successful brand operation management methods, Chinese national enterprises are still in trial and error, in innovation and development. In cosmetics, washing products industry, for example, although in people's mind with white porcelain green iron cover, antique, economical & other; Great friendship & throughout; Cold cream impressed, but this one was in the 80 s reputation across the country, with hundreds of millions of customers and old brand, now can only resort to increasingly cut consumption group to maintain its low sales. Foreign information across the intervention, the use of new technologies, new products, as well as with packaging and publicity, investigate its purpose is only one for each customer indecision. In today's goods abundance, no change, no innovation, will be eliminated. Today's cosmetics product homogeneity trend obviously, attract consumers to buy more incentive for & other; The perceptual factors & throughout; , the modelling of product packaging, color, texture, delicate degree and so on have great influence on buying behavior.
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