Cosmetics container commonly used packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Cosmetics packaging material is widely used, the most common include: glass bottle, plastic bottle, composite plastic bags, plastic hose, etc. , and metal material. Select of cosmetics packaging materials are plastic and glass, and paper commonly used for medium and top grade cosmetic packaging. Plastic is widely used because of its strong durability, outside the glass, give a person a kind of noble look and feel. The glass bright is dazzing is very suitable for perfume bottle packaging, while plastic with reasonable price and the quality of the lighter in the race for the cosmetics packaging materials. Glass and plastic in the perfume, skin care Lv He cosmetic packaging industry plays a very important role. Plastic containers are made by various processing methods of plastic hollow container. It has the characteristics of light inexpensive, easy to form scale production. Can make various specification size, transparent, opaque, and all sorts of color of the bottle. Plastic containers printing performance is very good, can the instructions by adopting the method of thermal transfer, inkjet, printing, logo, barcode system directly on the surface of plastic bottles. Due to the plastic containers of all kinds of excellent performance, thus became the most major pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging container. Become the cosmetics packaging container with plastic instead of glass, make cosmetics more secure and easy to carry. Through the efforts, plastic products achieved formerly only some transparent glass features, can pack various chemicals. As a result, its overall improve the field on the capacity of a larger product. Such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. Materials are mainly PE, PP, PVC, PET, PETG, etc. In addition to the bottle itself, distribution of the pump and the compression cap is also very important, directly related to the sealing of the product. In recent years, the PET resin is applied in container of cosmetics is developing rapidly. PET bottles, cans of the main application areas concentrated in the skin care products, bath dew and cosmetics. For some products, PET bottle is the ideal packaging material. Plastic is easy to handle, can be designed into many fashion classic products, transparent. In addition, PET bottles of soft, its surface can be a variety of packaging process, it is only in the packaging material. Today, the application of PET plastic is more and more widely, and its prospects in the field of cosmetic packaging in the future will be more broad. Now use the PETG ( Ethylene glycol modified - Polyethylene terephthalate) Material production of thick shell can more and more. Reason is PETG easily dyed different colors, and even if treated with UV resistance, transparency is still the same, the appearance of the product and glass also same. New development of PE stretch blow molding technology can get rid of disadvantages of polyolefin blow molding bottles of transparency is not high, is used in many cosmetics production country. Mixed injection molding machine can be two different colors of raw material into a mold at the same time, made two color mixing pattern. In view of the different types of cosmetics packaging materials adopted by the there is a big difference. Plastic containers are mainly used for oil products, such as hair oil, wax, sunscreen, bath oil, massage oil etc. Emulsion products, such as cleaning cream, cleaning liquid cream, moisturizer, nourishing cream, cold cream, cold cream, hair cream, etc. , the surfactant solution products, such as shampoo, bath liquid, the consumption of cosmetics packaging, 40% of the total consumption.
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