Cosmetics box you don't know the secret to teach you understand packaging cosmetics packaging material

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Cosmetics box you don't know the secret to teach you understand packaging product label is production enterprises provide a means of quality information to consumers, is also an expression of its product quality information. Wide variety of products all kinds of exclusive sign you really read again, after the period of validity is still in use? Now, we can help you understand packaging password protect skin to taste, had you drawn. A, 1, kaifeng kaifeng shelf life after shelf life after sign marked on 12 m, which lasts for 12 months after opening. And will be marked on the outer packing of retention time, refers to the storage time of unopened. Skincare ingredients is different, have different life after opening, make-up remover cream, lotion lasts for 6 months, such as cream essence of class and class from 9 to 12 months, do not contain preservatives and perfume without adding products such as validity is shorter. Environmental symbol 2, environmental protection double color arrow mark the packing of the products conform to the requirements of the green environmental protection, said the product from production to use until the final consumption recycling, in line with the requirements of ecological balance and environmental protection. Do not store near the fire source said, do not close to the fire environment to keep dry, avoid close to the fire, heat source or exposure. Such as perfume, moss, nail polish, and other products have find this logo on the package. Recycling symbol 4, recycling the arrow mark shows the packing of the goods or goods are made of renewable materials, are beneficial to the environment and protect the earth, use can be recovery, recycling more goods, can reduce the consumption of the earth's resources. Marked difference in different countries, Japan and South Korea produced much is square, Europe and the United States produces more of a triangle, but were arrowed circle shape. Organic certification, the European Union, the United States and Japan jointly admit, from raw materials, laboratory to products meet the organic plant and manufacturing. Bar code 2, bar code knowledge commodity barcodes general knowledge of a prefix, a manufacturer code, product code, and the check code. And the most to bear in mind is the prefix code in commodity bar code, because it is used to identify a country or region, it will tell you where the products come from! 00 - 30-09 in the u. s. , Canada 37 45 to France 49 Japanese British 690-50 693 China 471 Taiwan 489 Hong Kong 880 South Korea 885 Thailand 890 India 899 Indonesia three symbol recognition permit, permit identification. Imported cosmetics must be marked with the ministry of health & other; Who makeup into words throughout the &; Or & other Who makeup into prepare words throughout the &; Document number. In addition, imported cosmetics have & other; Three certificates & throughout; , i. e. , & other; Entry goods quarantine certificate & throughout; 、“ Import and export of cosmetics label verification certificate & throughout; 、“ Cosmetic inspection and quarantine CIQ logo & throughout; 。 Especially & other; Cosmetic inspection and quarantine CIQ logo & throughout; , each after CIQ logo has a set of computer digital printing, CIQ signs off on the authentic goods packing box, computer digital printing will be automatically posted on the product alert.
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