Cosmetics bottles with hose price and structure

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Cosmetics bottle with hose price and the structure of cosmetic bottle with hose price and the structure of cosmetics bottles with hose production cycle is 15 days commonly - 20 days of cycle ( Starting from the confirmation here) Order item for 5000 - 10000, large scale manufacturers usually to 10000 as the minimum quantity, if a few small manufacturer variety, item 3000 minimum quantity to also can, there are few customers to open mold, the male (mostly A few characteristics of the lid is private mould) Contract order quantity and actual quantity supplied, the industry of the deviation of plus or minus 10%. Cosmetics bottles with the quality of the hose and there are many differences between manufacturers, there are different price, color plate making fee usually in 200 yuan - The price of 300 yuan, play can be multi-color printing and screen printing, individual manufacturer with thermal transfer equipment and technologies. Bronzing, hot silver can be calculated by area of the unit price, printing effect is good, cost is less expensive and manufacturer, should choose different manufacturers according to the requirements of different levels. 1 bottle, cosmetics with hose is divided into single layer, double layer, five layer cosmetics bottles with hose, respectively in pressure defense, prevent infiltration and feel there's a difference, such as five layers tube by the outer, inner, two glue layer, otherwise the blocking layer. Features: has good gas barrier properties, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, at the same time prevent the content fragrance and effective ingredients. 2, double tube is relatively common, belongs to the medium can also be used single-layer, cosmetics bottles with hose diameter for 13 # - 60 # a variety of caliber, elected a certain diameter of cosmetics bottles with hose, capacity of different characteristics in different length, capacity of 3 ml - 360 ml can, in order to beautiful and coordination, the calibre of the commonly used below 35 # below 60 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml usually use 35 # - 45 # caliber, more than 150 ml capacity is more than 45 #. 3, the process can be divided into circular tube, oval tube, flat pipe, super flat tube. Flat tube, flat pipe complicated than other pipe process, is also the new pipe in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive. 4, cosmetic bottle cover shape with the hose of diversity, generally can be divided into flat head cover, round epicranium, high cover, lift the lid, super flat cover, double cover, the spherical cap, lipstick cover, plastic cover can also be a variety of craft processing, bronzing, silver, non-ferrous, transparent, fuel injection, electroplating, etc. , pointed mouth cover and lipstick cover are usually equipped with a plug in. Cosmetics bottle cover for injection molding product with hose, hose cosmetics bottles with drawn tube, most of hose used in cosmetics bottle manufacturers are not in the production of cosmetics bottles with hose cover themselves. After 5, some products need to filling and sealing, and sealing to is divided into: straight grain and sealing, twill and sealing, umbrella sealing, star sealing, sealing, sealing can ask in sealing in code to print out the required date. 6, cosmetic bottle with hose can do color tube, transparent tube, color or transparent frosted, bead light pipe, and a dumb light with the light and elegant matte seemingly but easy dirty, colored tube and pipe shaft large difference of printing, but judging from the tail slit, slit for white tube for large area printing, use the ink demand is high, otherwise easy peeling and cracking after folding and white mark. , is a set design, development, production in a body's medium custom manufacturer, has ten intelligent assembly line production equipment, welcome consulting customization. ( Product prices are for reference only, the actual price is given priority to with the actual custom. ) In order to let you better understand our company, please visit our company website: https://www. yzxinfly。 Hose com specializing in the production of cosmetics. Factory direct sale! Address: contact person: Shao Xiansheng mobile: WeChat: phone: /
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