Cosmetics bottles of beautiful and have an impact on sales

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Every time buy cosmetics, the shop assistant often recommend packing more exquisite products, cosmetics bottle also let consumers to increase trust products. So, to the cosmetics industry, good packing also will bring a good sales! The stand or fall of packaging is often the most intuitionistic performance printed label is clear; Packaging bottle is fine; Whether the design is chic. 。 。 。 In the field of cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of technical level, gradually highlights personalized display and packaging development innovation, the introduction of new technology and new technology and application, the characteristic such as the development of new environmental protection materials and alternative, safe and convenient packing will be more welcomed by the market. In cosmetics, washing products industry, for example, although in people's mind of economic material benefit 'friendship cold cream', 'hundreds of birds antelope' impression, but the famous during the 80 s, the country has hundreds of millions of customers and old brand, now can only resort to increasingly cut consumption group to maintain its low sales. Ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging container, for the most part based on high density polyethylene. To meet the requirements of different product packaging, plastic bottles to choose material also increasingly rich rise. Due to the transparent container can let consumers to see the content clearly, so the consumer demand for transparent container is more and more widely, and is to meet the requirements of transparent pp material, pp transparent bottles of development is a hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. High transparent pp container, has the very good transparency and gloss, appreciation sex strong, popular. Such as ica herb series of moves is the container, through transparent bottle wall and wash hair cream, can see the back wall sticker image of green grass, let people feast for the eyes.
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