Cosmetics bottles of bar code on the secret

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Have you noticed the cosmetics bottle above the bar code? What is the secret cosmetic bottle on the bar code? : below small make up to tell you about the barcode 13 items are generally divided into four parts, the first 3 digits is also called the prefix code, according to the goods from the producing area ( Countries) ; The following four figures show that the manufacturer's code, this is by the country ( Or region) The encoding of the uniform for the application of trade name; Over the next five digits is the individual product code, leading to classify the products by manufacturer, the encode them one by one. The last number is check code to facilitate the scanner to check the whole coding, avoid misunderstanding. Protect skin to taste bar code prefix code is commonly used to identify in the production of country or region, the first 3 digits shows the product yield region ( Countries) , so different areas ( Countries) Produce goods, bar code of the first 3 digits are different. Below to introduce a few common areas ( Countries) Code: 690 693: mainland China, 471: the Taiwan region, 489: Hong Kong special administrative region, 880:885: Thailand, 00 - 13: the United States, Canada, 30 - 37:93: France, Australia, 50: the UK. Know the bar code to protect skin to taste, when the choose and buy protect skin to taste can help us quickly identify skin care products producing area, can't again silly points not clear.
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