Cosmetics bottles in the development of cosmetics packaging materials on the market

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetics bottles on the market development and changes of cosmetic plastic bottle or special applied widely, the cosmetics in the direction of is more and more luxury? Or bias function? One thing is very clear, of course, no matter which direction development, is to meet small, can be used for a period of time, assure the functional sex of the cosmetics. With the development of tourism, cosmetics bottles and will go another route, a simple but elegant, simple and convenient, and in the tourism industry of glass, is completely not suitable for cosmetics, bulky, so generally is 100 ml standards; After centuries of cosmetics from international famous brands to domestic are readily available, so as to occupy a larger share is most brand products, and now the men and infant cosmetics market has begun to gradually by mining, which is a new enterprise in the cosmetics industry in the development of new opportunities; In baby bottles of cosmetics, however everyone agreed that it should be, lovely cartoon type, small make up feel not its likelihood; Because it has been for several years, now most infant products are cartoon image, is no longer novel, at this stage are children under the age of seven, and in the more than 8 years old have their own aesthetic view and values, should not blindly in the development of cartoon and the design of the shape and film, this is very time consuming; Small make up how consumers think whether it should be subdivided, wider to meet customer demand;
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