Cosmetics bottles how effective recycling packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Cosmetics bottles recovery rate is very low. Took a lot of high cost to produce tend to become one of the sources of pollution are discarded. In recent years, although the consciousness gradually popularization of garbage classification, but cosmetics bottles of complex material or to the average consumer in recycling processing has brought a lot of confusion. Cosmetics bottle recycling ascension is very in need of improvement. I think there are two directions is surely worth a try. One direction is the packaging materials and production of cosmetics bottles appearance make certain rules, let cosmetics bottle packaging simplification, convenient for consumers to identify, in order to recycle, also facilitate recovery after processing and recycling. Therefore, cosmetic bottle packaging material of simplification is good. In the other direction, of course, is cosmetics manufacturer established recycling channels. Cosmetics bottles on the market at present is not only elegant appearance, material, often several times recycling is completely can be achieved. Anyhow, cosmetics bottle packaging is a huge market resources, if can achieve effective recycle and reuse, is a huge resource utilization.
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