Cosmetics bottles can decide sales

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
With the sales boom of e-commerce site, each big brand of cosmetics in small sample received. Seemingly cheap and fine big-name cosmetics is really ordinary consumers another window? As is known to all, big expensive cosmetics, not all the consumers to purchase products, and the capacity of an ordinary cosmetics bottles, if you don't use as soon as possible, cosmetics will be expired, lead to waste. According to the promotion of products in a small kind of cosmetics bottles, because capacity is relatively small, don't have to worry about using the residual waste caused by the price also accepted by the public, is ordinary consumers. Promotion on the small kind of cosmetic bottle generally suitable for short-term business people use, if really need cost-effective products, suggested that in the ordinary cosmetics bottles or buy products. Not all of the other samples in the cosmetics products are in the bottle. ', because of soaring sales, using true cosmetics bottle filling counterfeit products event is not in the minority, especially in each big website merchandise they buy.
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