Cosmetics bottles and the interlocking link? Cosmetics packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetics bottles and the interlocking link? Cosmetics bottles can be eye catching and customers, on the outer packing, almost half a deal is done, and the refined products to consumers describe degree is higher, often shop salesman also is often recommended appearance is exquisite products, good packing, can lead to better sales performance; In the field of cosmetics, the improvement of technology, the development of packaging gradually highlight the personalized display and innovation; Instead of new technology, new material, safe and convenient was welcomed by the market, in order to satisfy the different packing of the products of packing to go and the choice of material is also more and more, transparent packaging can satisfy consumers to see the content, so the consumer demand for transparent container is becoming more and more widely, to meet the requirements of the material also constantly sublimation, PP is also a big selling point of these two years, transparency and gloss, strong appreciation sex, popular, but the unit price is too high to thanks to you for your attention and support to us. Cosmetics bottles requirements of most complex is actually very simple, why will go to do professional cosmetics, because its profit is the highest in all products, technology and at the same time also is the highest, how do you say? 1, the quality requirements, so everyone see cosmetics bottles are double packing. 2, user experience, a lot of brands in order to do this, will do the custom packaging bottle, the advantage of this is, indeed, there is no doubt that in a few articles on all of us are said, will not repeat, this is very good effect for the brand. 3, in order to guarantee the security of the bottle, at the time of transport is shrink-wrapped then are packed in cartons, so went to the cost will be more. 4, the details are important, we uphold the: product details, quality survival; The service idea. 5, on the design of the LOGO and text layout is required, because now the quality of the product appearance and design intent directly to customers for their products. 6, sealing products, this is particularly important, how to say, not much explanation, do bad, just waiting to lower sales.
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