Cosmetics bottle recycling sites need to pay attention to several aspects

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
It need to pay attention to several aspects of the cosmetic bottle recycling field? Dongguan cheung in the cosmetics bottle manufacturer to tell you: as we know, especially now plastic PET bottle recycling utilization rate is very high. There are lots of people specializing in plastic bottle recycling business. But as plastic hollow products, in the process of recycling will be some problems worth our attention. We have to analyze carefully. First, belong to waste plastic hollow products, need to take up the space is very large, and a plastic bottle recycling market prices are often volatile, for is engaged in a large plastic bottle recycling, in order to delivery within a reasonable time, nature takes up a large part of the space, this is what we notice, location of plastic on the one hand, more convenient transport, on the other hand also want to have an empty space. Second, all kinds of bacteria breeding ground for waste plastic, also need to pay special attention to health problems, if the address selected in some residents around the neighborhood, affects the peripheral health, cause complaint. Again, plastic bottle belongs to flammable products, also must pay attention to fire control, accumulation of a large number of plastic bottles, especially in the summer, or the rainy season, if the internal temperature is too high, easy to cause spontaneous combustion. For plastic bottle recycling, the friend that engaged in this industry, we still hope to analysis and consideration from various angles, a variety of factors to consider, make whole recycling the smooth.
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