Cosmetics bottle packaging usage scenarios

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Cosmetic packaging design experience, regarding this part, the author thinks that it should be mutual combination of usage scenarios. Should be able to reach a good cosmetic packaging should be condition to adapt to the consumer's consumption scenarios. So to speak, because as living standards improve, people use cosmetics scene more diverse, in addition to the daily household, go out on a business trip, travel, in the car, on a plane or camping in the wilderness. Cosmetics bottle packing in the design of the past too much emphasis on the beautiful novel, constantly increasing material, even more and more choose to use the glass material. For a cosmetic bottle packaging exquisite appearance grade and quality, obviously this idea is correct. But once used the scene changes, from the home to outdoor conditions, obviously this heavy brittle characteristics clearly for outdoor scene is not very practical. We just calm down and can quickly analysis, outdoor tourism needs is simple and convenient and easy to use cosmetics bottle packaging, easy to carry, easy to use. Therefore, cosmetics and cosmetic bottle manufacturers need to realize that consumer spending scene changes, to improve the products and cosmetics bottle packaging.
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