Cosmetics bottle packaging simplified design trend

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Natural, drugstore, environmental protection, in the past five years is the mainstream trend of the cosmetics market. For cosmetic bottle manufacturers, in the past period of time, also is the mainstream of cosmetic bottle packaging is environmental protection. Adhering to the cosmetic bottle packaging environmental protection concept, some cosmetics bottle manufacturers in the past few years won the good development opportunity. However, as a young generation of consumers and the growth of the change of consumption structure. Global consumers a change in the overall demand for cosmetics, a large number of consumer choice of cosmetics from past the pursuit of natural, organic, etc. , gradually changes to the drugstore, minimalist trend. For cosmetic packaging, as the market is tend to be minimalist, environmental cosmetics bottle packaging will be changing. In general, the cosmetic packing market changes is imperative.
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