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by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Dongguan xiang plastic bottles manufacturer, self-marketing for more than ten years, in the service of each big enterprise, spanning the cosmetic bottles, washing bottles, spray bottles, lotion bottles, inverted membrane tank, etc. , continue to improve my own shortcomings, to carry forward their own advantages, often break through this industry, dongguan cheung maintained a lead in the market, make industry brand, high-end products, high quality products; Has all kinds of various cosmetics, about injection molding, raw material must pass under a certain temperature, heat of mixing and then let it melt completely, and then filling, pressure, cooling and demoulding, stage, and then through refining JiuJiuBaShiYi details become a high quality product, In the process, the process of filling and pressure maintaining is very need to be careful, one thousand fill less or more would ruin the texture of the product, or form a inferior products, gram weight is not up to standard, the pressure also is to have a certain strength, the injection is more used in cosmetic plastic bottle supplier factories, so cosmetics bottle cost is relatively high; Dongguan xiang plastic bottles in the factory, which USES many specifications, the color more, multi-function, restore essence, we attentively complete each packing bottle, welcome to contact us: - 0769 87638818
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