Cosmetics bottle is it safe to use PET material

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
At present, the market for pet plastic bottle safety question sounds a lot, some people think that pet plastic bottles containing plasticizers, use will release harmful to human body, can cause health problems, and so on. But we should see that both food, beverage and cosmetics on the market at present, the proportion of the use of pet plastic bottles is very high. In fact, this has to do with the advantage of pet plastic bottle itself is inseparable. First is light weight, pet plastic material, but material is transparent, the second is the cost price of pet plastic bottles cheaper durable, compared with glass, ceramics packaging, pet plastic bottle price cost is lower than many, for the widespread use of food, cosmetics and so on factory, it's clearly a very attractive. Third, pet bottle recycling utilization high, much higher than other plastic bottles, which is beneficial to the environment. But, there are still many doubts on the market, we think this is caused by people's own improper use. First, pet plastic bottles can't repeated use, some people will put food waste pet plastic bottles washing after repeated use for a long time, this will certainly affect the safety of the pet plastic bottles. Second, pet plastic bottles of resistance to high temperature range is limited, if put it in the car, hearth edge, such as high temperature environment, also can destroy the pet plastic bottles of material security and stability. Finally, some illegal businessmen use secondary recovery processing and pet plastic bottle will also affect material safety
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