Cosmetic tube manufacturer: plastic mold industry celebrates its rapid development

by:Lisson     2020-12-03
As a professional cosmetics pipe/vermicelli production factory, I believe you know that our product is inseparable from the mold, only have a high quality mould, we can producing high-quality cosmetics pipe, vermicelli, etc. Therefore, suye cosmetics tube technology consultant will tell you today, celebrates its high-speed development of the current situation of plastic mold and die industry, specific content is as follows:
plastic mold industry in the spring. According to the international mold association secretary general luo hui is introduced, in 2011 China's mold production value is about 124 billion yuan, including plastic mold about 30% less. And with the continuous development of plastic industry, plastic mold in the mold, the proportion of gross will also gradually increase, the entire industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

plastic packaging tube mould
it is true that in a set with the state industrial policy and a series of national economic policy support and guidance, the plastic mold industry is enjoying the rare development opportunity. On the one hand, the rapid development of construction industry, to make various in extrusion mould, PVC plastic tubing connector mold become mold market new economic growth point. On the other hand, the rapid development of highway, the car tires are also put forward higher requirements, therefore the meridian rubber tire mold, especially the development of loose mode will also be higher than the average level in total. In addition to plastic and wood, metal plastic generation are virtually stimulated demand for plastic mould in the automobile, motorcycle industry.
however, behind the rapid development in the domestic plastic mold industry, some worry also began to emerge. Of plastic mould in China such as commercialization degree generally below 30%, and the foreign advanced industrial countries has reached 70% ~ 80%, both clearly has a big gap compared. In fact, in recent years, the domestic has popularized in many fields gradually and plastic mold. But look from the current market situation and overall usage is still less plastic mold, product promotion efforts will also be further strengthened.

the luo hui pointed out that, in the long run, plastic mould industry will undoubtedly is the main force of the future mold industry, the industry continued to trend has not changed. Under this background, the domestic plastic mold enterprises must firmly grasp the development opportunities, especially to increase precision, a large, complex, long-life plastic mold products research and development and promotion efforts, and in the future market competition to occupy a better position.
summary, more timely suye cosmetics tube technical adviser for your arrangement about the plastic mold industry celebrates its high-speed development of the entire contents of the, if you want to learn more about the cosmetic tube, vermicelli tube mould consultation, please collect on this site. 【 www。 yhmoju。 com】

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